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Why some salts form hydrates but others don't? Are there any ways to predict?
If you want very rough prediction, for transition metal salts you can use 18 electron rule.
23-3-2019 at 13:15
by: Neme
Lead dioxide anode on less common substrates
With vision of better substrate for lead dioxide anode, as graphite nor titanium are ideal, I have b ...
12-7-2018 at 11:51
by: Neme
Bismuth powder melting
Hello guys,
I prepared some (cca 200g) of very fine bismuth powder by zinc/HCl reduction. When I tr ...
7-10-2017 at 09:43
by: Neme
Strange element names and codes
- Tungsten should have T or Tu and not 'W' ...
19-8-2017 at 22:10
by: Neme
how can I create synthetic diamonds at home. I'm trying to use it for cutting all sorts of metals
I heard about graphite powder in molten manganese, letting it solidify (to make pressure and high te ...
10-8-2017 at 03:35
by: Neme
Pretty Pictures (2)
These are amazing, what route and ratio did you use?
5-8-2017 at 02:46
by: Neme
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=486411&tid=26378&author=ficolas][rquote=484387&tid=26378&author=Neme]... [/r ...
30-6-2017 at 05:17
by: Neme
Easy pyridine synth. found in a paper, does it work?

https://www.yout ...
29-6-2017 at 08:36
by: Neme
Need help, looking for good chemistry books...
In my opinion:

Organic chemistry:McMurry/Clayden - both are awesome
Anorganic chemistry: Housecr ...
28-6-2017 at 00:04
by: Neme
Rhodium electrode
Platinum electrodes for electrolysis are not available for me.
I have access to little bit rhodium ...
22-6-2017 at 05:51
by: Neme
Will this work ?
NurdRage did this with potassium chloride
I don't see ...
17-6-2017 at 12:29
by: Neme
Chlorate cell first attempt
Well the process is basicly:

2KCl + 2H2O ----EL----> Cl2 + 2KOH + H2

Then the chlorine rea ...
3-6-2017 at 02:01
by: Neme
Chlorate cell first attempt
If I remember correctly, temperature above 70°C is required for hypochlorite to disproporcionate ba ...
3-6-2017 at 00:14
by: Neme
Pretty Pictures (2)
One picture is bunch of copper(II) acetate crystals.

In next pictures is my attempt to double pha ...
30-5-2017 at 11:30
by: Neme
cleaning vanadium
In the comments he said that he used nitric acid and just did a mistake saying chloride.
28-5-2017 at 04:47
by: Neme
Chemical reduction of copper nitrate
You can add some metal with enough negative electrode potencial to replace it. When I was still in m ...
27-5-2017 at 00:06
by: Neme
Alternative hobbies that appeal to those with interest in chemistry
I personally enjoy hydroponic growing. It's kinda fun for me playing with nutrient solutions and mes ...
20-4-2017 at 12:29
by: Neme
Cheap nitrates to potassium nitrate
Imho Ca(NO3)2 + K2CO3 would be the best bet.
13-4-2017 at 03:14
by: Neme
Uses for vanillin?
Divanyllyl oxalate for some chemiluminiscence.
23-2-2017 at 09:59
by: Neme
is it trick?
Get potassium hydroxide. Easier than making it from chloride.
12-2-2017 at 09:58
by: Neme
HCN decomp
Yeah, but he said

[rquote=472261&tid=71840&author=Chlorine]to ammonia[/rquote]

so I gu ...
19-1-2017 at 01:11
by: Neme
HCN decomp
Well I don't know much about this but cyanhydrines sometimes hydrolyze to carboxylic acids so I woul ...
18-1-2017 at 13:48
by: Neme
Pretty Pictures (2)
How does one get so clear transparent crystal? Mine are always dim.
13-1-2017 at 23:57
by: Neme
Colour of Copper Carbonate
Mine looked like this
7-1-2017 at 10:25
by: Neme
Ceramic glazes composition
I heard that glazes are sometimes good source for elements like praseodymium or manganese. I tr ...
3-1-2017 at 10:42
by: Neme
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