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What th..? (multi member bug?)

I didn't notice anything unusual. And didn't erase any of my posts.

"You a ...
22-5-2005 at 06:14
by: alchemie
2-Br Propionic Acid Physical Properties
Sorry, I made a mistake linking to the procedure in my post above. Should work now. In any case if y ...
22-5-2005 at 05:40
by: alchemie
2-Br Propionic Acid Physical Properties
Here´s another procedure for conversion of alanine to bromopropionic acid. It´s a much better alte ...
21-5-2005 at 05:55
by: alchemie
Question on making CH3NO2?
[quote][i]Originally posted by Blind Angel[/i]
the Niromethane method on syntethikal use a two step ...
21-5-2005 at 04:58
by: alchemie
FREE Online Journals
The [url=]Royal Society of Chemistry[/url] offers free access to some of their pub ...
7-5-2005 at 07:01
by: alchemie
Mercury Oxides
Concentrated H2SO4 also does a good job dissolving elemental Mercury. It has to be heated for the me ...
7-5-2005 at 06:20
by: alchemie
dry HBr?
If you mix MgSO4 or CaCl2 to dry 48% aqueous HBr the HBr will react and form H2SO4 or HCl.

Even ...
24-3-2005 at 15:15
by: alchemie
how to remove the Br atom?
the halogen can be removed with Tri-n-ButylTin hydride and a radical initiator like AIBN (azo-bis-is ...
24-3-2005 at 13:58
by: alchemie
HCl and Al, AlCl3?
Let's not forget the bromide and iodide. These can be made in a more simple way: suspend a slig ...
6-3-2005 at 19:26
by: alchemie
Controlling Monomethylation of Hydroquinone to p-methoxyphenol
[url=]here it is.[/u ...
6-3-2005 at 19:01
by: alchemie
Experiments with liquid Nitrogen...
[quote][i]Originally posted by I am a fish[/i]

You could cool polymers to below their transition- ...
4-3-2005 at 19:02
by: alchemie
Acetic anhydride preparation
[quote][i]Originally posted by Esplosivo[/i]
Right now I noticed that I had a mistake, Hermes was r ...
23-2-2005 at 13:24
by: alchemie
Actually the Aromatic sulphonic acid, Ar-SO<sub>2</sub>OH, is an intermediate in the rea ...
23-2-2005 at 12:13
by: alchemie
how to make this ester

The way I suggested is pretty much more complicated than your's.

If the two s ...
23-2-2005 at 11:53
by: alchemie
how to make this ester
see also scheme 2 in this page:

They ...
22-2-2005 at 17:04
by: alchemie
how to make this ester
[quote][i]Originally posted by sparkgap[/i]
Substrate --(CH<sub>3</sub>;)<sub>2< ...
22-2-2005 at 16:10
by: alchemie
dibutyl telluride
[quote][i]Originally posted by brisance[/i]
Yeah. I want to make it because of its horrible odor. ...
21-12-2004 at 14:42
by: alchemie
Needed books
Can anyboody, please, get this book:

Metallocenes: Synthesis - Reactivity - Applications
Antonio ...
19-12-2004 at 08:01
by: alchemie
Propiophenone rearrangement
anhydrous IPA without Na:

1-IPA with less than 0,1% H2O can be obtained by the following method ...
19-12-2004 at 07:54
by: alchemie
Acrylic acid (c3h4o2)

Acetic acid?

How do you make Acrylic acid from acetic acid?

You don´t.

At les ...
19-12-2004 at 07:26
by: alchemie
Carbon Tetrachloride CCl4
I was refering to reacting CH2Cl2 with Cl2. Not using CH2Cl2 in the haloform reaction(wich is imposs ...
18-12-2004 at 19:48
by: alchemie
How can someone be successful in Organic Chemistry?
[quote][i]Originally posted by Organikum[/i]
Except for the voluminous databases of reactions and b ...
18-12-2004 at 18:16
by: alchemie
Carbon Tetrachloride CCl4
Maybe CH2Cl2 could also be used.
You can get it OTC, from paint strippers, in much bigger amounts t ...
18-12-2004 at 17:06
by: alchemie
pinacolyl alcohol and pinacol
Voguel has a procedure for benzopinacol wich is somewhat similar to the one above but uses sun light ...
16-12-2004 at 10:30
by: alchemie
Phosphorus Oxidation Problems
You are trying to oxidize white phosphorus right?

In that case be wary. Ihave an old chem book ...
16-12-2004 at 09:36
by: alchemie
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