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Nitration of Propenylbenzenes
The pseudonitrosite rxn DOES work with asarone, no question, provided distilled ether is used. Its y ...
6-12-2012 at 15:42
by: antibody
What to do with tryptamine?
Would hyrdoboration of the indole double bond not be a competing rxn using Zn(BH4)2 for alkylation o ...
12-1-2012 at 08:51
by: antibody
Oxygen Sensor for Glove Box or Other use?
have you considered using argon, its much heavier than air, so it will fill your chamber from the bo ...
29-10-2011 at 12:55
by: antibody
Alternative to DMSO solvent.
In some countries it is even illegal to possess DMSO, but it isn't very difficult to import, IMHO.
6-9-2011 at 07:55
by: antibody
The bible on drying solvents
17-7-2011 at 12:24
by: antibody
how to prepare diborane in situ?
[rquote=156331&tid=12426&author=stoichiometric_steve]i've prepared BH3*THF by addition of H ...
16-7-2011 at 11:06
by: antibody
Tryptamine degradation?
I don't know if you can alkylate the oxide or not, but I usually recrystallize my tryptamine from bo ...
16-7-2011 at 08:20
by: antibody
Thanks Turd! I'll give it a try with 88% formic.
11-7-2011 at 04:07
by: antibody
preparation of ethyl formate
I need to prepare a batch of ethyl formate for an experiment I'm planning. I am thinking of using th ...
10-7-2011 at 12:03
by: antibody
Nitric acid color
NO2 is a reddish/brown colour. More likely your Nitric acid reacted with something.
21-6-2011 at 09:25
by: antibody
here is the paper you are after
@ Hydropos - here is the link you are looking for ...
10-6-2011 at 13:31
by: antibody
Ab2 assumed it was because it was a precurser to Phenyl acetic acid, but could be wrong
11-5-2011 at 12:59
by: antibody
They are mistaken. She should get them to re-check ...
11-5-2011 at 10:30
by: antibody
Question about Column Chromatography and Elution Gradient
if you want a substitute for benzene, then you want a solvent that is more polar than hexane. xylene ...
10-5-2011 at 18:51
by: antibody
Inert atmosphere, which is best?
It is a surprise a_bab. :)

to be honest, Ab2 hasn't spent much time considering the make up of ai ...
10-5-2011 at 08:59
by: antibody
Inert atmosphere, which is best?
Thank you magpie
that thread has lots of useful information, not the least of which being that nitr ...
10-5-2011 at 08:28
by: antibody
Inert atmosphere, which is best?
Thanks Symboom!

[rquote=209489&tid=16284&author=hissingnoise]He's the second person to re ...
10-5-2011 at 07:33
by: antibody
Inert atmosphere, which is best?
Ab2 is hoping some of the local hazards might be able to weigh in on this subject. Ab2 needs an ...
10-5-2011 at 06:12
by: antibody
depending on what country you are in. A canadian chemist recently ordered some from a chem co with w ...
9-5-2011 at 11:30
by: antibody
get mercury
you could try getting some used thermostats at reuse store and break them open for the mercury
19-3-2011 at 16:21
by: antibody
How can I acquire a business address?
You [u]M U S T[/u] obtain a federal tax identific ...
17-3-2011 at 18:47
by: antibody
a website and email addresses
A website for your "research company" and email addresses that are consistent with the business name ...
16-3-2011 at 05:51
by: antibody
They are considered explosives precursers
Pretty sure these items can still be ordered, but there are forms to be filled out and possible scru ...
11-3-2011 at 09:41
by: antibody
DMF substitute in Wacker oxidation?
What kind of wacker are you planning?

using benzoquinone as the O2 source will run fine using met ...
10-3-2011 at 13:59
by: antibody
Eschweiler-Clarke Procedure
et voila!
10-3-2011 at 13:53
by: antibody
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