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Fume Hood Exhaust Fan
I'd personally use a centrifugal pump and mitigate the trouble of corrosive gases eating the motor a ...
5-5-2019 at 18:42
by: battoussai114
Roach killer silicon dioxide for diy TLC plates?
I don't see why not. These are usually made from ground Diatomaceous Earth, which can be used as sta ...
20-11-2018 at 17:53
by: battoussai114
Liquid evaporation time dependency
Assuming you're not under direct sunlight and there's no strong wind, I feel a pseudo-stationary mod ...
29-8-2018 at 19:05
by: battoussai114
Disappointed with College Chemistry
[rquote=532050&tid=89917&author=VSEPR_VOID][rquote=532044&tid=89917&author=fusso]Is ...
29-8-2018 at 03:21
by: battoussai114
wiring PID controlled heating tape from 230V to 120V
You won't be able to drop the voltage down with the controller. These things are made to switch the ...
8-8-2018 at 11:43
by: battoussai114
Green's function
Some words of caution:
First, I'm no mathematician, my background is in engineering and I haven't u ...
25-6-2018 at 14:36
by: battoussai114
Methanol to gasoline catalyst
I would say that harder than finding a suitable catalyst would be controlling the reaction on a home ...
3-6-2018 at 09:24
by: battoussai114
Vandium pentoxide substitute
Maybe, but certainly at the expense of selectivity and conversion.

For instance I spent some tim ...
1-6-2018 at 11:11
by: battoussai114
Nickel, Iron, and Molybdenum from Mu-Metal (Hard Drives)
Have you, Vsper or Mabus, tried and oxidizing acid like nitric? might be worth a shot dissolving the ...
29-5-2018 at 19:19
by: battoussai114
Another potential phthalate source?
Most regulatory agencies either downright ban phtalate plasticizers for products catered to children ...
29-5-2018 at 17:57
by: battoussai114
Blue tungstic or molybdic acid ?
Maybe a mixed tungsten oxide... Is it an actual solution or a suspension?
5-5-2018 at 18:48
by: battoussai114
Phthalic anhydride from naphthalene
Industrially the oxidizer is oxygen over a transition metal oxide catalyst. I remember reading about ...
24-3-2018 at 13:19
by: battoussai114
Identifying unlabeled molecular sieves?
Have you got an electron microscope laying around? Otherwise I can't think of anything other than ch ...
16-2-2018 at 10:21
by: battoussai114
Distilling vinegar - removing water before AA passes over?
I recall liquid-liquid extractions with Ethyl Acetate being an industrial route to get Acetic Acid o ...
13-2-2018 at 08:08
by: battoussai114
Oxidation of alcohols using bismuth nitrate
[rquote=505401&tid=80121&author=byko3y][b]Chemichael[/b], yes, it's is bullshit too. US envi ...
31-1-2018 at 17:13
by: battoussai114
Diclhloromethane synthesis
[rquote=496766&tid=78041&author=dan.vlad]I've found a gas tank with refrigerated agent DCM
7-11-2017 at 08:40
by: battoussai114
The use of Pipes and Fittings for Super Critical Gas Storage
I'm not sure if Ben from AppliedScience uses this board, he would be able to give some good insight ...
29-10-2017 at 09:42
by: battoussai114
Encrypted Lab Notebook
Detachable header in flashdrive =/= data in the flashdrive.
7-8-2017 at 14:19
by: battoussai114
Encrypted Lab Notebook
While encrypting your notebook will do little more than give you that snuggly fell of false safety, ...
7-8-2017 at 13:01
by: battoussai114
Repair tungsten wedding ring
These rings are made of carbide with a filler metal in the pores right? Wouldn't putting the ring in ...
23-7-2017 at 17:51
by: battoussai114
Help! ... 25 litres of mystery liquid
Since you have a lot of it you could try some chemical tests to narrow on what kind of liquid it is. ...
31-5-2017 at 17:17
by: battoussai114
Seperating chrome from iron and nickel, stainless steel
I think it was the database that had pourbaix diagrams for multiple metal ions. ...
15-5-2017 at 15:05
by: battoussai114
Solvents from the destructive distillation of sugar?
I agree with Bob, you'll likely only get caramel and char from just doing the destructive distillati ...
7-5-2017 at 18:45
by: battoussai114
Mishap - Pyrex jugs can't withstand heat from a butane blowtorch
Unless you're practicing your glassblowing skills, [i]put the torch down[/i].
Regarding diy heating ...
2-4-2017 at 16:08
by: battoussai114
Heat bendable glass tubes
[rquote=476198&tid=16101&author=symboom]Can flint glass handle thermal shock better than sod ...
1-3-2017 at 06:08
by: battoussai114
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