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Any easy way to get bile salts and pigments.
How much do you need? I think you could talk to a butcher or a hunter who would give you a gallbladd ...
26-11-2019 at 11:45
by: crazyboy
A new type of discussion board
As you can see from my profile, I've been a member of sciencemadness for some time, though I've not ...
9-10-2019 at 19:24
by: crazyboy
Lichen Dye Chemistry: Orcein
Nice UC235! I also have three jars at the moment. What a coincidence. I have Umbilicaria phaea, a my ...
24-9-2019 at 22:57
by: crazyboy
Lichen Dye Chemistry: Orcein
Hey, it's been a while. Not sure if anyone remembers me. I'm working on lichen dyeing, a number of l ...
23-9-2019 at 22:03
by: crazyboy
Solar-powered printing
I'm confused. Direct manufacture of what? Are you talking about using the sun to print images? SLA p ...
17-7-2016 at 14:30
by: crazyboy
Measuring NH4, PO4, NO2, NO3, O2, Ca continuously
I've started a saltwater reef tank and I'm enjoying it but I'm interested in getting some electronic ...
8-7-2016 at 10:52
by: crazyboy
Ammonium Hydroxide
It generally means what it says. 10% NH3 means 10% NH3, 10% NH4OH means 10% NH4OH. 28% Ammonia (NH3) ...
30-6-2016 at 22:25
by: crazyboy
Well I F***** Up.
Making 15g of ETN in a plastic bottle and leaving it sealed unattended? You should refrain from the ...
12-6-2016 at 20:28
by: crazyboy
Liposomal vitamin c
I didn't watch the whole video because it was quite long. The short answer is no.

You will have v ...
1-6-2016 at 23:23
by: crazyboy
Fritted glass filtration question
It depends, as Metacelsus notes one of the reasons to use fritted glass is that you don't need filte ...
29-5-2016 at 21:27
by: crazyboy
Turning Lump Charcoal to activated charcoal ?
No that almost certainly won't work. See: [url= ...
28-5-2016 at 12:39
by: crazyboy
Reasonably priced EGTA source?
[rquote=442122&tid=65617&author=chemrox]I worked for a company that had an account with VWR ...
16-3-2016 at 18:18
by: crazyboy
Growing plants under LEDs
Tsjerk is the only person here making any sense, the paper he linked definitively debunks most of th ...
15-3-2016 at 12:51
by: crazyboy
Why are hydroxides slippery and acids grippy?
I'm sure I'm not alone in my observation that when you get a solution of sodium or potassium hydroxi ...
23-2-2016 at 21:11
by: crazyboy
Lead in Silver Nitrate stick? (What does AgNO3 taste like?)
From what I found silver nitrate is described as having an acrid or metallic taste not a sweet taste ...
10-2-2016 at 23:20
by: crazyboy
Someone doing proper DIY radiochemistry
This guy is awesome, one of the few people that I've seen doing proper experiments with radioactivit ...
9-2-2016 at 22:55
by: crazyboy
PID Temperature Controller
Here's my unit, wall mountable.


16-10-2015 at 00:36
by: crazyboy
Thinking in different number bases...
I imagine it would be rather difficult to deal with a lot of practical matters, you end up needing m ...
8-10-2015 at 22:04
by: crazyboy
Apparatus for generating HF
This is a really bad idea, please do not do this. HF is very toxic, this reaction takes place at ele ...
15-9-2015 at 15:29
by: crazyboy
Drinking Heavy Water (D2O)

I can confirm that it has a sweet ta ...
28-8-2015 at 18:31
by: crazyboy
How Drug Print work !?
What a shitty, overstated article. They barely mention how it is supposed to work other than "3D pri ...
21-8-2015 at 16:07
by: crazyboy
Virally vectored immunocontraception
[rquote=415722&tid=63216&author=xxxxx] For involuntary sterilization to be a crime there w ...
12-8-2015 at 18:07
by: crazyboy
Virally vectored immunocontraception
[rquote=415603&tid=63216&author=xxxxx] The reason I am interested in PZP or cortical react ...
11-8-2015 at 15:48
by: crazyboy
Virally vectored immunocontraception
Yes something like what you are describing is possible and apparently has undergone considerable inv ...
4-8-2015 at 18:14
by: crazyboy
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
franklyn, I think the argument that overpopulation is a nonissue because India has over 1 billion pe ...
4-8-2015 at 14:05
by: crazyboy
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