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Any easy way to get bile salts and pigments.
How much do you need? I think you could talk to a butcher or a hunter who would give you a gallbladd ...
26-11-2019 at 11:45
by: crazyboy
A new type of discussion board
As you can see from my profile, I've been a member of sciencemadness for some time, though I've not ...
9-10-2019 at 19:24
by: crazyboy
Lichen Dye Chemistry: Orcein
Nice UC235! I also have three jars at the moment. What a coincidence. I have Umbilicaria phaea, a my ...
24-9-2019 at 22:57
by: crazyboy
Lichen Dye Chemistry: Orcein
Hey, it's been a while. Not sure if anyone remembers me. I'm working on lichen dyeing, a number of l ...
23-9-2019 at 22:03
by: crazyboy
Solar-powered printing
I'm confused. Direct manufacture of what? Are you talking about using the sun to print images? SLA p ...
17-7-2016 at 14:30
by: crazyboy
Measuring NH4, PO4, NO2, NO3, O2, Ca continuously
I've started a saltwater reef tank and I'm enjoying it but I'm interested in getting some electronic ...
8-7-2016 at 10:52
by: crazyboy
Ammonium Hydroxide
It generally means what it says. 10% NH3 means 10% NH3, 10% NH4OH means 10% NH4OH. 28% Ammonia (NH3) ...
30-6-2016 at 22:25
by: crazyboy
Well I F***** Up.
Making 15g of ETN in a plastic bottle and leaving it sealed unattended? You should refrain from the ...
12-6-2016 at 20:28
by: crazyboy
Liposomal vitamin c
I didn't watch the whole video because it was quite long. The short answer is no.

You will have v ...
1-6-2016 at 23:23
by: crazyboy
Fritted glass filtration question
It depends, as Metacelsus notes one of the reasons to use fritted glass is that you don't need filte ...
29-5-2016 at 21:27
by: crazyboy
Turning Lump Charcoal to activated charcoal ?
No that almost certainly won't work. See: [url= ...
28-5-2016 at 12:39
by: crazyboy
usual potassium bromide dose
Why would you want to do that? If you have a legitimate medical condition see a doctor. If you are l ...
28-4-2016 at 09:13
by: crazyboy
Reasonably priced EGTA source?
[rquote=442122&tid=65617&author=chemrox]I worked for a company that had an account with VWR ...
16-3-2016 at 18:18
by: crazyboy
Growing plants under LEDs
Tsjerk is the only person here making any sense, the paper he linked definitively debunks most of th ...
15-3-2016 at 12:51
by: crazyboy
Why are hydroxides slippery and acids grippy?
I'm sure I'm not alone in my observation that when you get a solution of sodium or potassium hydroxi ...
23-2-2016 at 21:11
by: crazyboy
Lead in Silver Nitrate stick? (What does AgNO3 taste like?)
From what I found silver nitrate is described as having an acrid or metallic taste not a sweet taste ...
10-2-2016 at 23:20
by: crazyboy
Someone doing proper DIY radiochemistry
This guy is awesome, one of the few people that I've seen doing proper experiments with radioactivit ...
9-2-2016 at 22:55
by: crazyboy
The premise of this question is so ridiculous it almost makes me suspicious. What is the nature of y ...
31-10-2015 at 21:36
by: crazyboy
PID Temperature Controller
Here's my unit, wall mountable.


16-10-2015 at 00:36
by: crazyboy
Thinking in different number bases...
I imagine it would be rather difficult to deal with a lot of practical matters, you end up needing m ...
8-10-2015 at 22:04
by: crazyboy
Apparatus for generating HF
This is a really bad idea, please do not do this. HF is very toxic, this reaction takes place at ele ...
15-9-2015 at 15:29
by: crazyboy
Drinking Heavy Water (D2O)

I can confirm that it has a sweet ta ...
28-8-2015 at 18:31
by: crazyboy
How Drug Print work !?
What a shitty, overstated article. They barely mention how it is supposed to work other than "3D pri ...
21-8-2015 at 16:07
by: crazyboy
Don't we have free energy from fridges (refrigerators)?
You guys are wasting your time, he is far beyond the point where logic will change his mind. He's li ...
21-8-2015 at 09:56
by: crazyboy
Virally vectored immunocontraception
[rquote=415722&tid=63216&author=xxxxx] For involuntary sterilization to be a crime there w ...
12-8-2015 at 18:07
by: crazyboy
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