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Two rare reagents for sale
Call me cynical, perhaps even paranoid but there is no way I would even
consider trusting anyone se ...
30-12-2011 at 13:08
by: devongrrl
Synthesis of Xmas cake

* 2 cups flour
* 1 stick butter
* 1 cup of water
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 1 cup of ...
24-12-2011 at 12:56
by: devongrrl

Has any one any experience of Medline equipment ?

I am considering the purchase of a brand new ...
9-12-2011 at 04:55
by: devongrrl
Bromine production from BCDMH

I have seen a number of threads regarding the production of bromine from pool chemicals.

Has an ...
3-12-2011 at 08:48
by: devongrrl
Mechanism of benzyl cyanide synthesis ?

Could some aid me with a mechanistic overview of the Benzyl CN synth please ?

I searched and fo ...
3-12-2011 at 03:52
by: devongrrl
How to learn organic chemistry
The mechanisms are all linked to the electronic structure.
Curly arrows, cations, pushing electrons ...
26-11-2011 at 12:58
by: devongrrl
chlorination of benzyl alcohol

Would it be possible to use electrophilic aromatic substitution to add a Cl group ortho to benzyl ...
23-7-2011 at 03:28
by: devongrrl
UK supply
Hmm I agree that 2 months is excessive although I have never waited longer than a fortnight at most ...
17-7-2011 at 08:19
by: devongrrl
UK supply
I have used the first company and found them great.

If the 2nd company has a "stain" on their rep ...
17-7-2011 at 02:26
by: devongrrl
Nitromethane in the place of Nitroethane
[rquote=215747&tid=16975&author=Polverone]What I would like to know is, can 2 be substituted ...
14-7-2011 at 06:48
by: devongrrl
how many females here
I'm not worried, its the guys who should be worried.

Nucleophilic backside attack ! Stand close t ...
2-7-2011 at 13:05
by: devongrrl
Latest chemical order?
Lambda-Eyde said: Gotta love Lab-Scan: Really cheap AR grade products [/quote]

Looking a ...
15-5-2011 at 11:19
by: devongrrl
Formylation of 4-MeO-phenol with Mg(MeO)2 : Synthesis of m-vanilline

The reflux condenser is replaced with a deflagmator[/quote]

What's a deflagmator ?
9-5-2011 at 04:26
by: devongrrl
Complete Lab Clearance Sale!
PM sent

[Edited on 14-4-2011 by devongrrl]
14-4-2011 at 12:27
by: devongrrl
Sciencemadness at risk -- your help wanted
Santa has sent you something for the board's Xmas stocking.

Hope you find work soon, Polv. God Bl ...
27-12-2010 at 02:37
by: devongrrl
Mini Chem Sale
Mossy, you have a U2U waiting for you
25-9-2010 at 07:44
by: devongrrl
I've got the Bromothymol blues !
I love these chemistry musicals :D

These are by a chap called Mark Rosengarten. ...
12-9-2010 at 01:29
by: devongrrl
A Chemopolic Question
What a wall of text, I didn't even bother reading it.

Perhaps you should learn about paragraphs.
21-8-2010 at 12:08
by: devongrrl
1k for new labware, What would you get.
I'd have to add a nice vacuum dessicator to the shopping list.
Ziploc bags with CaCl2 or MgSO4 are ...
21-8-2010 at 01:45
by: devongrrl
10 liter flask frozen joint
How about gently warming the joint area and trying to rotate the two halves of the joint ?
21-8-2010 at 01:39
by: devongrrl
Art Chemicals Fraud - Don't waste money at Art Chemicals
One of the links on the site is "Recipes" but links to a number of syntheses.

Obviously the perso ...
20-8-2010 at 02:12
by: devongrrl
Transesterification of Castor Oil

I've just been reading a paper called "TRANS ESTERIFICATION STUDIES ON CASTOR OIL AS A FIRST STEP ...
19-8-2010 at 03:23
by: devongrrl
Reference request
Appreciate you pointing the pdf out to me, actually I do UTFSE a lot but I couldn't find that one.
9-8-2010 at 04:50
by: devongrrl
Reference request
If I was permitted access to that link, then maybe I would have.

8-8-2010 at 23:04
by: devongrrl
Reference request
Does any one have access to the following article please ?

Vanillin Synthesis from 4-Hydroxybenza ...
8-8-2010 at 02:55
by: devongrrl
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