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What wets mercury?

If I'm reading this right, water on mercury ...
13-5-2020 at 08:58
by: elementcollector1
My parents dont let me buy platinum
This is what I used fo ...
10-5-2020 at 15:31
by: elementcollector1
Breaking bad chemistry + fireworks from Mexico question
Not having watched Breaking Bad in my life - P[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]5[/sub] and TATP, respectively? No i ...
9-5-2020 at 20:56
by: elementcollector1
KOH from KCl using electrolysis
It won't work. Lower surface area of the anode just means it has a higher current density, not that ...
2-5-2020 at 10:48
by: elementcollector1
Why have different colour lids?
White's a colored dye, and other colors might be cheaper. Black would seem to be the cheapest, but p ...
7-4-2020 at 10:52
by: elementcollector1
Looking for platinum wire
[rquote=632776&tid=20466&author=WGTR]Considering that platinum is very useful in chemistry, ...
18-3-2020 at 10:51
by: elementcollector1
Cerium pyrophoricity
In finely divided form, it's pyrophoric. See this page for behavior in bulk form:

https://www.ele ...
14-3-2020 at 18:54
by: elementcollector1
Making Pinchbeck Brass
Switched over to brass for a bit. I was curious to see if I could make an ingot without lighting the ...
14-3-2020 at 16:02
by: elementcollector1
Rosco Bodine has been banned
I wasn't around for his more productive posts (in part because I don't have an interest in energetic ...
4-3-2020 at 20:16
by: elementcollector1
What's the cheapest metal powder to make?
The difference between welding and soldering (I think) is that for welding, at the working temperatu ...
7-2-2020 at 18:49
by: elementcollector1
Purify ferrous sulfate
[rquote=628515&tid=154571&author=Bedlasky][rquote=628497&tid=154571&author=vibbzlab] ...
24-12-2019 at 12:49
by: elementcollector1
Make Potassium (from
Shell D70 isn't really the most important part - kerosene/lamp oil works just as well. I personally ...
20-12-2019 at 18:24
by: elementcollector1
Iodine resublimation
Where's your sublimation surface? Could do with some additional cooling.

I personally store all m ...
8-12-2019 at 09:11
by: elementcollector1
Introducing new amateur chemist
[rquote=625766&tid=154298&author=vibbzlab]Is there alternative to silica crucibles. I actual ...
9-11-2019 at 16:25
by: elementcollector1
Making Pinchbeck Brass
And here they are!

[img] ...
9-11-2019 at 13:57
by: elementcollector1
Making Pinchbeck Brass
Just got some (presumably) A356 aluminum alloy wheel parts from a local junkyard. Should be about 7% ...
7-11-2019 at 14:13
by: elementcollector1
Granulation of glass and fine abrasive powder
Definitely a job for a ball mill. Cheap and easy way to do it is a rock tumbler and some steel sling ...
7-11-2019 at 14:07
by: elementcollector1
Selectively complexing copper at low pH
Not sure how applicable this is, but it came to mind:
7-11-2019 at 14:06
by: elementcollector1
Preparing "Neutral" Copper(II) Nitrate Solution for Aldehyde Synthesis
Crystallize the nitrate out at low temperature and redissolve it? Or would some acid become trapped ...
5-11-2019 at 18:01
by: elementcollector1
Making Pinchbeck Brass
Nice photography work! Your camera is way better than mine. I'm pleased to see I was able to get ver ...
4-11-2019 at 18:32
by: elementcollector1
is it normal that i just want to play around with chemicals and make organic molecules for the hell of it
Currently making manganese sulfate from zinc-MnO2 batteries again. Why? Because it's bright pink. I ...
3-11-2019 at 19:16
by: elementcollector1
2019 Secret Santa
Ha. I see that Super Santa option - I remember when I did that for one of the earliest SS's. It's ac ...
26-10-2019 at 19:05
by: elementcollector1
What real life mineral is the closest to minecraft redstone, except for the colour?
Could also be a semiconductor with red LED characteristics - I've seen people light up LEDs briefly ...
26-10-2019 at 14:47
by: elementcollector1
Suggested media to clean brass part (water soluble)
My vote is for Epsom salt. Other options might be baking/washing soda (if they weren't so soft), and ...
22-10-2019 at 18:35
by: elementcollector1
Making Potassium metal by distillation with Al and KOH
Improper mixing, maybe? Though the aluminum would also be molten at that point...

What was your s ...
15-10-2019 at 07:40
by: elementcollector1
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