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Hand sanitizer ratio
I've been researching and making hand sanitizer for over 2 months, before the lockdown in the US. T ...
14-4-2020 at 06:35
by: jamit
Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment
[rquote=633490&tid=155051&author=Morgan]As an aside ...
My Florida governor Ron DeSantis ju ...
5-4-2020 at 22:58
by: jamit
Carbopol from sodium polyacrylate
I ordered carbomer from amazon just before the White House “15 days to stop the spread of coronavi ...
25-3-2020 at 21:23
by: jamit
re: too harsh
I totally disagree about banning Rosco bodine. He has been a good member and I’ve learned a lot f ...
9-3-2020 at 20:51
by: jamit
Magpie has died
I haven’t checked the form in a while until today. It’s a great loss to the science madness for ...
16-12-2019 at 09:51
by: jamit
hydrazine anhydrous to hydrazine sulfate
I have a small bottle, about 50ml of hydrazine anhydrous. It's still in an unopen can with the bott ...
16-4-2019 at 08:02
by: jamit
US Group Buy: Sodium bromide and phthalic anhydride
I have lots of phthalic anhydride (17.99 per pound) and sodium bromide (9.95 per pound). Shipping ...
27-5-2018 at 11:39
by: jamit
ChemPlayer the story and the end for now
Really sad and angry to see chem player chemistry videos taken down. If anyone has them downloaded ...
26-4-2018 at 23:19
by: jamit
warning: Hexadecimal234
I don't know how to report someone, but Hexadecimal234 just U2U me and wrote this:

"Hello i have ...
15-2-2018 at 13:06
by: jamit
Grant Thompson "King of Random" charged with possesion of explosive materials
As I contemplate what might happen to Mr Thompson, I'm sadly thinking of one of our own "brothers", ...
23-1-2018 at 18:45
by: jamit
Grant Thompson "King of Random" charged with possesion of explosive materials
I feel bad for Mr Thompson. Too many people in this forum/channel are too happy to see him fall. W ...
23-1-2018 at 07:31
by: jamit
monobasic and dibasic of sodium phosphate
thanks but I already knew that link.

Do you know why chemical supplier sells the various hydrat ...
3-1-2018 at 22:58
by: jamit
monobasic and dibasic of sodium phosphate
so i've checked around google search and I'm kind of confused and wonder if someone can explain or h ...
3-1-2018 at 21:53
by: jamit
Cobalt compounds
Anyone interested in purchasing any cobalt acetate to make other cobalt compounds? I have 5lbs of e ...
5-12-2017 at 10:54
by: jamit
Anyone want to swap chemistry stuff?
Anyone interested in sodium metal? I also have 10lbs of sodium benzoate, 10lbs of potassium permanga ...
16-11-2017 at 02:05
by: jamit
Locating Nitric acid
The only economical way to acquire nitric acid is to make it yourself. The hazmat fee is too high t ...
3-10-2017 at 11:25
by: jamit
The origin of life on planet Earth
I don't see the point of this thread and its relevance to amateur chemistry. Seems like another one ...
1-5-2017 at 21:16
by: jamit
sodium metal extraction - Nurdrage did it!
Just in case you missed it, Nurdrage was able to extract the separation for magnesium/sodium amalgam ...
30-4-2017 at 03:59
by: jamit
Plug? from Toronto, Canada - Glassware and Reagents
Where do you find sodium hydroxide in Toronto, otc?
22-3-2017 at 00:44
by: jamit
[rquote=477192&tid=11392&author=Ozone]I calculate 1.74 mL.


thanks Ozone, b ...
10-3-2017 at 10:11
by: jamit
New chemicals for sale !
so i purchased some acetic anhydride and other hard to find chemicals from Mario over the years and ...
9-3-2017 at 23:01
by: jamit
Does anyone know how much oxalyl chloride is needed to make TCPO, if you start with approx. 8g of 2, ...
8-3-2017 at 08:53
by: jamit
nitric acid using barium nitrates
I realize that the production of nitric acid has been discussed many times before -- maybe over disc ...
1-3-2017 at 15:42
by: jamit
distillation problem - toluene sodium benzophenone
is it possible that the benzophenone reacted with the toluene because the final liquid is transparen ...
23-2-2017 at 19:37
by: jamit
re: wanted - Acetic Anhydride
hey, Zed. thanks for that info. I didn't know that acetic anhydride was on the DEA list.
23-2-2017 at 15:20
by: jamit
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