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chemical acquisition
[Edited on 4-7-2007 by john_do]
8-6-2007 at 17:35
by: john_do
EDA can be used as a substitute for NH3 in metal/solvent solutions. Li & Na dissolve fine at roo ...
31-5-2007 at 17:17
by: john_do
propionyl chloride
How does one go about getting this text translated into english?
31-5-2007 at 05:32
by: john_do
Ideas for making ethylenediamine?
Whatever you do, don't get it in your mouth! :o
Stuffing NaHCO3 into one's mouth is also unadvisabl ...
31-5-2007 at 02:14
by: john_do
PEA and mek -> NPP?
Dr Nick: Do this board a favour and pretend not to be excited about what you have just learnt. Consi ...
30-5-2007 at 20:18
by: john_do
aniline -- MnO2 + H2SO4 --> hydrochinone
MnO2 is used as an oxidiser on industrial scale to convert aniline to hydroquinone[/quote]
29-5-2007 at 00:11
by: john_do
Once upon a time, Ning gave me a detailed writeup of the double mannich in question, along with seve ...
28-5-2007 at 23:47
by: john_do

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