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cheap glass beware!
If it was a flat bottom flask and not heavy walled, it is not designed to be used under vacuum. Roun ...
3-5-2008 at 11:17
by: mick
Preparation of ionic nitrites
The closest I got to ammonium nitrite was attempting to recycle some ethanol / water containing ammo ...
1-4-2007 at 14:00
by: mick
looking for suggestions
As a chemistry technician I feel sorry for the Prof. When he left I hope he took all his chemicals a ...
16-3-2007 at 13:16
by: mick
malononitrile reacts with ester?
You could be talking about a knoevenagel condensation. Google "organic chemistry portal' and it shou ...
15-3-2007 at 13:14
by: mick
How to add solids to a sealed reaction
On an unknown reaction on an unkown scale that is brilliant advice. Dump the whole lot in and keep y ...
5-10-2006 at 11:54
by: mick
After RXN how to extract aldehyde
The sodium bisulphate addition compound was good for separating aldehydes.
23-9-2006 at 11:15
by: mick
Nitrogen inflated tires !
An easy experiment to do to check the porosity of rubber could be to inflate a balloon with air and ...
20-9-2006 at 14:25
by: mick
Nitrogen inflated tires !
Just a thought.
If the original hype admits oxygen leaks though the tyre walls at a significant rat ...
15-9-2006 at 08:59
by: mick
Acid Strengths - Sulfuric VS Hydrochloric
The stength of the acid is usually measured in water. The strong acids give a low Ph value which I t ...
12-9-2006 at 08:18
by: mick
Glassware, Chemicals, and Other Useful Lab Apparatus for Sale

Is the 10ml pipette A grade or B grade. Is it a blow out pipette and how much do y ...
5-8-2006 at 12:47
by: mick
Silyl protection with HMDS
Try blocking/protecting the NH groups first and then activating the COOH by forming an amide,amidite ...
23-6-2006 at 13:48
by: mick
Handling Nitrogen Triiodide NI3
I played with NI3 when I was younger. It did exactly what it said on the bottle.
15-6-2006 at 15:09
by: mick
Mercury adsorption in container vessels
If you consider basic chemisry nothing can be lost, it is just you do not know where it has gone.
m ...
13-6-2006 at 11:48
by: mick
Silver plating via Tollens' reaction
Make the solution fresh


To the Safety-Net:

The January 8, 1996 issue of "Chemical a ...
1-6-2006 at 12:32
by: mick
Unusual Chemicals, what to do with them ...?
Back to imidazole. To purify, it sublimes under vac.

19-5-2006 at 13:29
by: mick
Storing sodium
To store the sodium, you could pre-treat the mineral oil like clarifing butter. Warm it up slowly to ...
18-5-2006 at 12:56
by: mick
The reaction is that simple without air.



[Edited on 18-5-2006 by mick]
18-5-2006 at 12:18
by: mick
Single Use Bromine Storage
I have just read some of 'Hermeticity of electronic packages".
Sad but


It gives a lot of ...
18-5-2006 at 11:15
by: mick
Kugelrohr distillation !
The Kugelrohr distillation set up I have used is the Buchi semi-micro type. It can be used for fract ...
24-4-2006 at 10:20
by: mick
Calculating pressure...
I do not think that the ideal gas laws would work. If the methanol dissolves in the oil under the pr ...
16-4-2006 at 10:45
by: mick
NiO catalyst for burning NH3
There is a lot of numbers in the equations and if heat is needed the reaction might go without the N ...
16-4-2006 at 10:17
by: mick
What is the most ignorant thing you have ever done while conducting an experiment?
Younger people 30 y ago were a lot more sensible

2) inflating a rubber pipet bulb with compressed ...
3-4-2006 at 10:56
by: mick
Vacuum Distillation
I have always found the nomograph useful to explain to some one who wants to strip of an organic sol ...
10-3-2006 at 13:53
by: mick
Cheapest OTC Hg source
I am just going to scrap one these mercury barometer. Nice wood work. Nice brass work. The mercury i ...
7-3-2006 at 13:52
by: mick
Perchloric acid preparation
A quick coment,
As an organic chemist by trade
Organic perchlorates, organic azides and organic ni ...
6-3-2006 at 13:44
by: mick
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