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amazing super chemistry software
At the recommendation of a friend I have been learning about,
MarvinSketc ...
27-5-2014 at 06:41
by: quantumchromodynamics
you guys are really scaring me
You all need to be more respectful of electricity. It is quite possible to burn out the nerve with a ...
25-5-2014 at 05:16
by: quantumchromodynamics
the plasma thing
It does not have to be extremely annoying. How about start with an alcohol flame and charge it with ...
25-5-2014 at 01:53
by: quantumchromodynamics
how about plasma?
How about levitating and projecting plasma?
21-5-2014 at 17:58
by: quantumchromodynamics
extraction question
When done chuck the solvent and keep the goods? Would petroleum either maybe work even better?
16-5-2014 at 15:01
by: quantumchromodynamics
the worst day ever
I was drying out Epsom Salt in a 2L flask with my heating mantle. I rigged up a glass tube to pump a ...
4-5-2014 at 14:57
by: quantumchromodynamics
a wine capacitor
Seems like they are using the wine as a capacitor dielectric. The volts/cm will vary depending on t ...
2-5-2014 at 16:40
by: quantumchromodynamics
tris(2-hydroxyethyl) amine
I see tris(...) amine, and inside I see hydroxy, OH, but I don't get 2-hydroxyethly, why is that? Ho ...
2-5-2014 at 16:35
by: quantumchromodynamics
yes ethanol
Rrrr, methyl, then ethyl, i remember that...
2-5-2014 at 16:28
by: quantumchromodynamics
I think I might finally be understanding something. This is an amine because it is like ammonia. Thr ...
2-5-2014 at 16:20
by: quantumchromodynamics
programming and chemistry
I lost my baby teeth coding MAC drivers for industrial imaging scanners. I have written knowledge ma ...
30-4-2014 at 01:48
by: quantumchromodynamics
Maybe I can help
Praxichys, in all seriousness, if you need an investor to help out the situation U2U me.
29-4-2014 at 09:22
by: quantumchromodynamics
please let me purchase a pound
excellent, let me reserve an order please!
27-4-2014 at 21:12
by: quantumchromodynamics
avoid other human vectors
Asperger's syndrome, ADD, OCD, etc, just seem like categories to me. Not bad and not good, just diff ...
22-4-2014 at 10:33
by: quantumchromodynamics
one atom thick
what can the home scientist do with one atom thick carbon sheets?
20-4-2014 at 08:22
by: quantumchromodynamics
check with Bob first
Gentlemen, I strongly recommend checking with Dr. Bob for any distillation apparatus before buying f ...
20-4-2014 at 08:19
by: quantumchromodynamics
consciousness and telomeres
I personally have experienced near death. When I first started tinkering with high voltage things I ...
9-4-2014 at 00:10
by: quantumchromodynamics
very very very very hard
After a year of studying inorganic chemistry, and about half a year studying organic chemistry, in m ...
8-4-2014 at 23:28
by: quantumchromodynamics
back again to this topic
Gentlemen, for the past month I have been indirectly researching this topic by going over a friends ...
19-3-2014 at 01:09
by: quantumchromodynamics
the condenser condenser thing
organicchemist25 - that is truly strange, it is a condenser condenser, a combo fractional condenser ...
8-3-2014 at 10:05
by: quantumchromodynamics
another good shipment from dr. bob
At this point I hope everybody feels safe ordering from Dr.Bob, but I still wanted to say, ordering ...
28-2-2014 at 17:25
by: quantumchromodynamics
a thumbs up for bob
Reporting > $200 shipment from Dr. Bob. Each object individually bubble wrapped. Related lots ind ...
1-2-2014 at 05:50
by: quantumchromodynamics
light waves - photon amplitude
Respectfully, a probability wave function does not have an amplitude. A probability wave function de ...
1-2-2014 at 01:17
by: quantumchromodynamics
well, not the best but...
Turns out that blowing a jet of warm air into the crock pot eventually reduced the top layer of slu ...
29-1-2014 at 04:21
by: quantumchromodynamics
a possible insight about waves
QM: Quantum mechanical
NM: Newtonian mechanical

I woke up thinking about mechanics with a possib ...
27-1-2014 at 21:44
by: quantumchromodynamics
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