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How to deal with waste?
Most non-chlorinated solvents can be burned safely. You might be able to deal with chlorinated mater ...
29-10-2019 at 07:26
by: subsecret
Aluminum amalgam -- is there any good reason to use it?
Gallium may not be used commercially for amalgams because it's less common than mercury and a little ...
29-10-2019 at 07:06
by: subsecret
Labware and Vacuum Filtration
If you have a sink, an aspirator is a great hands-free vacuum source. ...
8-3-2018 at 17:36
by: subsecret
Nichrome furnace.
Kanthal A1 kiln heating coil would be great for this; they're usually made in lengths suitable for 2 ...
28-7-2016 at 19:48
by: subsecret
Electric cooling!!
Computer component cooling blocks would be fantastic for this application. Put blocks on each side o ...
24-7-2016 at 16:47
by: subsecret
Keeping bromine safely contained
Bromine solutions may be convenient in some cases, but I really prefer storing bromine by itself. It ...
21-7-2016 at 20:33
by: subsecret
Vacuum filtration - fewer holes vs many holes in filter plate?
I really wish more filtering products were available with mesh as a paper support. As careysub said, ...
18-7-2016 at 20:30
by: subsecret
Magnetic stirrers ONLY?
You're so much better off just biting the bullet and getting a used hotplate/stirrer combo, consider ...
18-7-2016 at 20:27
by: subsecret
Caffeine extraction.
[rquote=455299&tid=67413&author=Ashot]1 cup of coffee is around 3 grams (2 teaspoons)...[/rq ...
18-7-2016 at 20:19
by: subsecret
Mg/Methanol is amazing
If you can find 4-dichlorobenzene mothballs, this would be a good route to benzene.
1-7-2016 at 17:57
by: subsecret
high temperature thermometer
In open air, a normal thermocouple with all insulation removed will work just fine above 1000C. Just ...
1-7-2016 at 17:53
by: subsecret
Metal Shot Heating Bath
What about cutting up fine steel wool? It would rust and wouldn't be compatible with magnetic stirri ...
19-2-2016 at 21:01
by: subsecret
What shall I do with an old pressure cooker ?
@Bot0nist: I thought the purpose of an autoclave was to increase the pressure. I mean, I guess you c ...
19-2-2016 at 20:59
by: subsecret
What shall I do with an old pressure cooker ?
Put your electronics in it in case of an EMP strike. You never know. It'll look great on your nights ...
14-2-2016 at 22:05
by: subsecret
Metal Shot Heating Bath
How about copper turnings/filings? They're a little expensive, though.

Take solid copper wire, an ...
14-2-2016 at 22:02
by: subsecret
Table salt heating bath?
But the salt can be easily washed off with water if it sticks. For a really good bath, I'd recommend ...
30-12-2015 at 19:52
by: subsecret
Nitrogen Generator
Distilling under nitrogen will help you just until your entire apparatus is filled with ether vapor. ...
19-12-2015 at 16:05
by: subsecret
Condenser pump
You can use a small pump as long as you get the condenser/tubing filled with water. This way, the pu ...
12-12-2015 at 15:13
by: subsecret
How to make an oil bath???
This is something you could very easily google or search the forum for.

There's your answer.
12-12-2015 at 15:11
by: subsecret
dropper bottle safety

The same applies for plastic wash bottles, solven ...
22-11-2015 at 07:19
by: subsecret
boiling in a tube
You'd need a condenser. Eventually, after a good bit of boiling, the glass would heat up enough not ...
16-11-2015 at 16:53
by: subsecret
Filtration - any issue with using positive pressure instead of vacuum?
Keep in mind that it's much easier to keep an apparatus together if it's under vacuum, rather than u ...
7-11-2015 at 11:49
by: subsecret
Heating a round bottom flask with a hotplate?
Be careful not to let the bottom of the flask actually touch the hotplate surface; this could cause ...
3-11-2015 at 19:59
by: subsecret
Sodium from sodium methoxide electrolysis in pentane
[rquote=423433&tid=63983&author=Upsilon]To be honest I wouldn't take electricity anywhere ne ...
16-10-2015 at 17:43
by: subsecret
Preparation of Hydrazine Sulfate (Hofmann Degradation)
Sorry to revive this old thread...

Could someone offer some advice on the disposal of hydrazine s ...
16-10-2015 at 16:10
by: subsecret
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