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Nicotine Extraction and purification
Anyone ever try vaporizing the nicotine out of the tobacco? It'd be pretty impure but it would be ea ...
6-3-2006 at 09:24
by: wallbanger
ethanol and other alcohol solvents also boil around 80C, so why naptha? there are other petrolium di ...
17-3-2005 at 19:19
by: wallbanger
Nicotine Extraction and purification
heyfrog, whats your email man? i checked your profile and its not there. im pretty interested in the ...
16-3-2005 at 17:00
by: wallbanger
Yea, blazter ist right. THC is not an alkaloid. It is though, basic and pretty polar but this does n ...
16-3-2005 at 16:54
by: wallbanger
Just remember people, nictine is an alkaloid. so just use processes to extract alkaloids. what we ne ...
14-3-2005 at 19:39
by: wallbanger
Nicotine Evaporation
i think we should look at all the simpler methods we have here and combine them. Cheepskate is alrea ...
10-3-2005 at 17:50
by: wallbanger
uh huh...
[b]I 'spose your right but...[/b]

The 2 degrees lower temp is an appoximation. The lower you ...
24-2-2005 at 21:32
by: wallbanger
Ich habe eine idae!
Hey again,

I just had and idea! Is it possible to find what temperature nicotine evaperates at ...
24-2-2005 at 19:38
by: wallbanger
ethanol alkaloid extraction
Hey guys,
This has already been mildly discussed, but I think is the simplist way.

Matier ...
22-2-2005 at 20:14
by: wallbanger

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