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Ammonium Perchlorate

hector2000 - 19-6-2008 at 22:36

i want to build some ammonium perchlorate
i have some problem
i want to electrolyze naclo3 for making naclo4 but i need naclo3.i build my naclo3 from bleach method but purifying the product isnt easy(because naclo3 is very soluble in water and in this reaction you have nacl)
how can i purify the naclo3?
may this reaction be true?
if this reaction or similar reaction work then i have no
problem for purify the naclo3

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Axt - 20-6-2008 at 00:06

Theres no such thing as "naclo3", "KCLO3", "NA2SO4" or "NACLO3". Go buy a text book (starting with English grammar), and stop annoying us.

hector2000 - 20-6-2008 at 02:58

according to this site
reaction should be possible

chloric1 - 20-6-2008 at 16:17

Come on People what is wrong with this forum these days? All these redundant threads! Arrgh!:mad: