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Separation of NG from NC/NG mix

Hermes_Trismegistus - 9-10-2008 at 14:01

Hi, I've since switched my major to business, and for a hobby, I'm all about the target shooting these days, so I'm a little rusty, but I have a question.

Lets say I had nitrocellulose flakes, with nitroglycerine adsorbed onto it. (Bullseye double base gunpowder-rumoured to be 60% NG), and I wanted to separate one from the other, without too much hassle. ( I don't, I've gotten enough headaches in my life already)

But lets say I did.

What would you do? I mean, anything likely to dissolve the ng would likely dissolve the NC, and I'd sure as hell not want to distill anything remotely approaching pure NG, so fractional distillation is out.

497 - 9-10-2008 at 15:51

Ethanol will dissolve about 20% its weight in NG at 20*C without dissolving much NC at all. Adding a bunch of water to the ethanol solution would probably be effective at precipitating the NG. I think it would work well.

grndpndr - 23-9-2009 at 15:45

Might be easier and less expensive to synthesize the ng than atempt to find almost any DBSP these days.:(

zeppelin69 - 23-9-2009 at 19:49

Grndpndr, I can still buy DBSP and TBSP at walmart ;). What country do you live in?

grndpndr - 24-9-2009 at 00:48

Not wallyworld nor disneyland,Admittedly its better than a few monts ago but stocks of sp are thin everywhere ive been..and expensive! could rant on politically but anyone whos regularly visited gun shops throughout most of the country are finding reloading components few and far between.Seen alot of primers for sale with your alleged great choice of powders?I found 1 lot of 1500 which was the max allowed per customer and they were italian.Id like to know where your from geographicaly if shooting supplies/reloading components ammunition? are in such abundance.Seems folks on the gun forums havent gotten the good news yet either!:D
Recall were at war with the US buying foriegn stocks of small arms ammo along with the politically induced panic buying I found no SP/primers in one of the states largest gun emporiums just a month ago. As well as few boxes of 5.56,7.62NATO no 9mm FMJ .38/.357 or even cartons of .22s;)

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zeppelin69 - 24-9-2009 at 05:56

Im not as paranoid as many many members on this site, but I'll be vague enough to just say the walmarts about 20 minutes from LSU sell DBSP for ~$20.

grndpndr - 24-9-2009 at 13:49

DBSP is pretty vague what other components other than NC are present?I double checked bullseye to confirm it still contained NG which it does in appreciable amounts.High 50%to slightly over 60% depending on the amount needed to meet advertised pressure curves I imagine making batches consistent.I also checked some of the largest supplers of reloading components on the internet and yes powder is in short supply unless what you buy is unimportant as are the other components.Anyone who reloads on this forum Im sure will confirm the shortages and price increases.I found approx 75% of what is normally offered is 'out of stock' in the case of smokeless powders..Im sorry to the OP for getting so far afield but there are many burn rate moderators etc etc in SP I wonder if these wouldnt be 'leached out'(for lack of a better word)
as well as the NG. I wouldnt count on other DBSP/TBSP nescessarily containing NG.Many manufacturers/countrys have use other HE's in DBSPs for over 75 yrs.

I to have approx 3/4 lb bullseye how old and storage conditions
im unsure as it was left by an old man who left it in a rental the next tenant never disposed of it so it obviously couldnt safely use it to reload it would have to be disposed of by careful burning etc.Good candidate for experimentation- matrix were it lawful.IIRC bullseye used to be sold in 8oz cans rather than 1lb due to its density.

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