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pH indicators and dyes

ItalianXKem - 10-12-2008 at 08:16

hi ! what are the most commons ?

DJF90 - 10-12-2008 at 09:50

I think this should have been in the beginnings section. Common indicators in the lab are litmus, methyl orange, phenolphthalein, etc. There are resources on the internet that will tell you this without having to open another thread here. Please do some research before posting.

ItalianXKem - 10-12-2008 at 10:16

thank you

ItalianXKem - 10-12-2008 at 10:18

in high basic or high acid pH how react pH indicators ?

hissingnoise - 10-12-2008 at 11:48

You don't seem to know much of chemistry if you have to ask a basic question like that.
Litmus, the most common, is blue at high pH---the rest you can guess at. . .
You, I think, have a lot of reading to do.

ItalianXKem - 10-12-2008 at 13:42


Magpie - 10-12-2008 at 13:57



ItalianXKem - 11-12-2008 at 06:38

Magpie , you are Italian or know Italian language ? :)