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Another youtube video

User - 2-11-2009 at 12:51

Well iam posting this because i accidentally bumped into it.
No idea in what context this should by placed anyhow this is someone who kind of encourages home chemistry and its quite hart warming.
Funny how he really jerks the DEA :)

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hissingnoise - 2-11-2009 at 13:17

Quote: Originally posted by User  

Funny how he really jerks the DEA.

Funny, yes---brave too; it's good to know he's one of us. . .

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starman - 2-11-2009 at 20:28

Probably best to stock up on KI before they list that as well.

kclo4 - 2-11-2009 at 20:37

I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't watch it already.

aonomus - 2-11-2009 at 21:08

There is a procedure by Alexein (don't know if he's active here anymore) that uses NaI, acidified with conc HCl, and oxidized with 3% peroxide to yield I2. Link:

Really they'd have to restrict all alkali metal iodide salts to do any good...

hissingnoise - 3-11-2009 at 03:00

Quote: Originally posted by aonomus  
Really they'd have to restrict all alkali metal iodide salts to do any good...

And to seaweed?

DJF90 - 3-11-2009 at 04:08

Bob Thompson is a member here, and as I recall he was asking for suggestions for the book. I'm fairly sure that video has already been linked to also.

hissingnoise - 3-11-2009 at 05:48

And the only one identifiable on sight; I'd like to shake his hand. . .

mr.crow - 3-11-2009 at 07:58

Im a big fan of Make, they always have interesting things. Nurd Rage also has a really good iodine video on youtube.

Iodine is truly a beautiful element. I love it in solid, liquid(!) and gas form! It also ruins everything it touches, so its beautiful and deadly.

I love him sticking it to the man like that. is definitely a good first experiment that everyone should do.