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Buchi Model Rs, Three Working on Jack Stands For Sale

Sauron - 4-1-2010 at 05:15

115V w/ power cords, original V bases and quick action jacks.

$350 incl shipping. Fully tested and in good working order.

Water baths, glassware etc not included.

I will consider shipping om approval for members I know and trust.

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3xModelR.jpg - 68kB

hissingnoise - 4-1-2010 at 05:30

Welcome back Sauron, I hope you'll stay around.

Sauron - 4-1-2010 at 09:32

Most likely I am just stopping by to offloaf a few rotavaps that are surplus to my needs. I have a 20 L R-152 I am keeping, two R110s and two EL130s i.e. a workhorse and a backup of each type. That is all I need (and then some). The three older Model R's I have reluctantly decided to let go.

Sandmeyer - 4-1-2010 at 10:16

Nice to see you again, happy new year! :D

Sauron - 4-1-2010 at 10:23

And to you. Hopefully 2010 will bode better, 2009 pretty much sucked.

Panache - 8-1-2010 at 02:15

So that's what that ring with a grub screw in it is for, to set the upper limit on the jack!! I've always wondered about that.
What has chewed the bottom of your table legs out, could it be a puppy wuppy flopsy cutie!!!

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Klute - 8-1-2010 at 04:17

Sauron, do you have some extra joints you would care selling to a fellow member? I have looked evywhere for some, buchi doesn't seem to sell them anymore..

anotheronebitesthedust - 10-1-2010 at 16:08

Does anyone know where to buy a new Rotavapor R-220

crazyboy - 10-1-2010 at 16:23

Quote: Originally posted by Klute  
Sauron, do you have some extra joints you would care selling to a fellow member? I have looked evywhere for some, buchi doesn't seem to sell them anymore..

I don't know what you mean by "joints" but of it's glass Ace Glass recently released a catalog of replacement Buchi rotovap parts.


Does anyone know where to buy a new Rotavapor R-220

I assume Buchi sells them, I doubt you'll find one anywhere else that's a fairly new model and it's pretty expensive 20L capacity :o! What do you need that kind of beast for?

benzylchloride1 - 10-1-2010 at 21:52

What is the best way to change a vapor duct in a Buchi rotovap with out breaking it? I have a Buchi RE and a Buchi RE111 rotary evaporator. I have broken 2 vapor ducts in the last 2 years. Does anyone know how much a replacement gear for the RE111 costs since the gear in mine is split?

kclo4 - 10-1-2010 at 22:33

What do the numbers after the RE stand for? I am considering buying a rotovap, but I'd like to know more about them. I assume it has something to do with its capacity, etc?

i.e R-220, RE-111

anotheronebitesthedust - 12-1-2010 at 09:27

[img]What do you need that kind of beast for?[/img]
What don't I need it for. Plus, I just hate buying used equipment. Everything I own is brand new, and the old stuff I have, I sell.

Sauron - 23-1-2010 at 07:29


Most of Buchi's ball and socket joints are special sizes, but some of the glassware makers in USa make them stock and any of them can build them custom. I would guess that Euro makers like Schott Duran likewise.

AFAIK the R-220 which is a 20 liter industrial model, is still a current product. IT IS NOT CHEAP! figure on $20,000 US

As for removing a vapor duct, if the duct is equipped wiyh Combi Clip, then by removing any flask, then screwing the clip up on its threads, it will withdraw the duct from its female joint.

Panache, that table is softwood, a crappy local ersatz French Provoincial. The legs are of the sort known as cabriole. The feet were damaged in a couple of floods and then were chewed by my dogs when they were puppies.

My hardwood furniture was unaffected.

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Sauron - 23-1-2010 at 07:30

Some Buchi Glassware for Sale


All three Model Rs have now been sold, and the lone bath.

I also have available the following glassware for same:

1 Diagonal condenser complete with screw cap and retainer for mounting on rotavap and stopcock

1 vapor duct, long type for above and 24/40 joint. There is a clip for securing sample flask, but not the threaded Combi Clip.

$250 for the pair incl postage.

Sauron - 26-1-2010 at 08:23

The glassware has now sold.

Sauron - 28-1-2010 at 02:57

There are still two Model R Rotavaps for sale after all.