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Cheap Propanol?

javagamer - 7-3-2010 at 11:39

I could use some n-propanol and I'm wondering if there's any feasible way to make it. I found a place that sells it at 4L for $100 (and that's plenty), but I was wondering if there was any way I could save some money. I see wiki ( mentions that Clostridium acetobutylicum can produce it through fermentation, but it also says it produces a terrible smell and isn't easy, so I'm not sure how feasible that would be. If anyone knows of a feasible way to produce propanol I'd be interested.

mnick12 - 7-3-2010 at 13:24

I know a cheap source of fairly pure 1-propanol, I will u2u you the supplier. And yes I have ordered from them, many times.

Picric-A - 7-3-2010 at 14:34

n-propanol is CHEAP to buy! Ebay, pharmacies, hardware shops; all sell it dirt cheap!
Make sure your not buying the corresponding ISOpropyl alcohol (ie, 2-propanol)

javagamer - 7-3-2010 at 15:13

I haven't heard of any hardware stores or pharmacies that sell n-propanol and I haven't found it very cheaply on ebay. What would it be used for?
mnick12's source looks really good though and I'll probably get it from there.

Picric-A - 8-3-2010 at 09:28

Hardware stores sell it in a 50/50 mix with n-butanol for a paint thinner, no other impurities.
I am not sure what its use is at pharmacies however i just asked the nice man for some and he sold me 500ml for £4 (much more expencive than hardware but vry pure!)
On ebay this guy usually sells the stuff:

You could really have searched for that yourself....

javagamer - 8-3-2010 at 13:59

That's odd, in all the time I searched I never came across any non-chemistry uses for n-propanol and I didn't see that guy on ebay, though it might be because I'm in the US. Still don't see any paint thinners that use it, but I'll take your word on that.

Aquiring 1-propanol?

smaerd - 14-3-2010 at 14:55

Is there any simple means to acquire this? I know it's a primary alcohol, but performing a grignard isn't very simple nor practical or safe(I'm a noobie!):P.

It seems the easiest route would be:
Propyl iodide + AgO2

Even this is fruitless, because I can't seem to find a way to acquire Propyl Iodide!:(

Are these watched chemicals(could I order them in small quantities without worry), or is it just not commonly used?

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Ozonelabs - 14-3-2010 at 15:04

The simple answer is simply to purchase it.

Give us a message, we have some spare. (

mr.crow - 14-3-2010 at 16:28

There is already a thread about n-propanol >: (

smaerd - 14-3-2010 at 17:41

My apologies this can be deleted! I can't believe I missed that thread, and it's recent too.

Formula409 - 15-3-2010 at 05:28

What country? I have a source in Australia? Other than that just try places that sell toluene, xylene, etc to the general public. I'm sure they can order.


smaerd - 15-3-2010 at 06:47


I'll keep looking, what is the going rate on this so I know what to look for?