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Nitroethane 99%

Siddy - 23-8-2010 at 23:38

Had to buy way more than i needed (minimum order), so thought i would pass it on. Comes in 1L bottles.

99% Nitroethane, $250/L

Will post worldwide,

-approx $30 for standard (non registered),10-20days post.
-DHL, fedex etc, door-to-door service, with tracking, 3-5day service, $150.
If you have your own post method let me know.

Check with your country for legalities on importing.

Pick up can be negotiated. U2U with your location.
If interested in the lot, 9L, can have it for $225/L.

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starch - 24-8-2010 at 00:26


please becareful sending this stuff around the world

this could lead one straight to shit street :(

If this was stopped by customs and identified, wow that could hurt especially coz its not correctly labled, wouldnt matter what you wanted it for

peach - 24-8-2010 at 01:06

Isn't nitroethane on the red list? Or something similar?

starch - 24-8-2010 at 01:21

yes it is peach, in most places i think but probably not everywhere

if i had it shipped to where i live and got caught with it, hell that would be bad

stateofhack - 24-8-2010 at 03:16

250$ per L, hahahahahhahahahha your insane.

Ozonelabs - 24-8-2010 at 03:27


$250/litre?! Do you know how much this actually sells for? We're selling it at about 30% of that price (£25/500ml) which by the way is right in line with Alfa (£24/500g).

If you're going to sell chemicals- at least do it with a modicum of sense.

peach - 24-8-2010 at 05:05

I'm expecting the people after nitroethane by the litre and without an account can afford the $250 premium.

To be fair to him, £70 for a plastic CO2 nozzle, which isn't far off the import price and that I can pull off a dead fire extinguisher, isn't really a rock bottom price either.

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Siddy - 24-8-2010 at 05:08

Im not sure its legal status in USA, but its not illegal to have in most places, you will have to check your selves.

Im happy to label it however the buyer wants.

$250/L is what i paid, i know sigma sell 96% for $80/L but i cant get an account with them.
Obviously this is only attractive to those who dont have accounts with the big companies.
$250/L is the off-the-shelf price at a local supplier.

Ozonelabs, considering you sell chemicals that dont turn out to be what you say they are, i dont think you should comment. And your stuff wont be 99% for that price.

peach - 24-8-2010 at 05:15

Arrr thar shipmatey, it be listed on the 1989 US Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule 1 precursor and it be listed as a monitored precursor in thar 1988 United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, and the South African Drug and Drug Trafficking Act.

Saying that, acetone and potassium hydroxide are on there as well. And being listed doesn't make them illegal. No chemical is illegal actually, they just have varying degrees of paperwork stapled to them.

I'm sure there are a few guys on here who could use it for something constructive, but saying the following is a bad idea;

Im happy to label it however the buyer wants.

Particularly when combined with the no account and off the shelf things.

Sell it by all means, but yars need to be less caterin' to thar naughty boys.

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Siddy - 24-8-2010 at 05:26

Point taken peach, thanks.

As for the labeling, I'm offering the same services that I have been given from highly regarded members of this forum, so I assumed it was the way you all do it. E.g. I've had sodium nitrate pellets labelled as kitty litter! - and not by my request.

I dont mean to cater to the 'naughty boys', but with other members selling Uranium, i think you are taking this a bit far.

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Chainhit222 - 24-8-2010 at 06:45

rofl I can get a gallon of nitroethane for 300$ from a US company in the USA, you just need to look carefully.
protip : not labeled as nitroethane

rhymes with "vernon xxxxxxxxx hoover propylene"...

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greenyppols - 11-11-2010 at 11:22

I suck at rhymes.

Would someone PM this info?

MagicJigPipe - 11-11-2010 at 18:14

Be wary of this purchase. It is a List 1 precursor in the US.


No chemical is illegal actually

Wrong! Many drugs are illegal.

(that was somewhat of a joke)

I've often wondered (and I might have asked this before but didn't receive an answer); in the U.S. is it possible to purchase EtOH that has not been adultered with with anything without paying the liquor tax? Surely there is some person somewhere that requires JUST ethanol for research purposes. I don't see an exemption for ethanol intended solely for research in the U.S. Code but I could just be missing it.

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Lambda-Eyde - 11-11-2010 at 18:16

250$ per liter? I can get it at 100$ per liter, and Norway is in general twice as expensive as the US when it comes to... Well, everything, really :P

Sedit - 11-11-2010 at 18:17

I remember a story from a member here IIRC that spoke of just that. Someone would come and moniter there EtOH usage and always complained they where using to much. It had something to do with the taxes I believe but if we are lucky that person will read this and elaborate abit more.

entropy51 - 11-11-2010 at 18:28

Quote: Originally posted by MagicJigPipe  

I've often wondered (and I might have asked this before but didn't receive an answer); in the U.S. is it possible to purchase EtOH that has not been adultered with with anything without paying the liquor tax?
Indeed it is possible to get a tax-free license to purchase EtOH without denaturant. We have a license at work, and there is a locked cabinet full of the stuff. It is very, very carefully accounted for and must be kept under lock and key.

But it turns out that pure EtOH is still horribly expensive, even without the tax!

zed - 12-11-2010 at 00:53

Yes, untaxed Ethanol is a pain in the ass. Might be best to produce your own pure ethanol from some form of taxed ethanol.

In days of yore, when I worked at the Uni.....our chemical suppliers refused to collect alcohol tax. But, the tax-free alcohol came with an ATF agent. The heavy-handed agent, came around regularly to monitor our use. Always too much use. Menacing demeanor.....Created a panic in the teaching staff.

The denatured alcohols we purchased, didn't work properly when utilized in chemical reactions, or when utilized as solvents for chromatography. Experiments failed to work properly. Students suffered.

The US Government, allowed us to purchase a small amount of tax-free alcohol. Then, they made it virtually impossible for us to use any of it. ATF probably spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.....monitoring our use, of a few gallons of tax-free ethanol.

The lack of use-able EtOH, forced us to use MeOH as a solvent for our NaBH4 experiments. NaBH4 isn't very stable in MeOH. It decomposed. Which caused us to use excessive amounts of NaBH4. Even though our use of NaBH4 was really very small, control-agents harassed us about it. Royal pain in the ass.

Kind of a "Catch 22" situation. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Either pay the tax on reagent grade absolute ethanol, or produce such ethanol from a more dilute grade of taxed ethanol.

Tax-free ethanol is too expensive. The price you pay for it, must be measured in terms of the personal misery, that using it will cost you.

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bbartlog - 12-11-2010 at 10:37

You can also get a federal license to make your own ethanol. Covered in a book one of the Gingerys wrote: .
Still more trouble than it's worth, of course.

ScienceSquirrel - 12-11-2010 at 10:56

Absolute ethanol was not that expensive in the UK when I used it at university.
We were duty exempt and duty was about 80% of the cost so it cost about the same as other solvents.
It was doled out to undergraduates but postgraduates had access to a bottle in the laboratory solvent cupboard.

ldanielrosa - 13-11-2010 at 00:13

Just fill out the paperwork and mail it in with a cheque. My license limits me to 5 gallons per year. They'll want to know your primary use, and I told them "glycerin soap." My first pint is still sealed in the solvent cabinet.

MagicJigPipe - 13-11-2010 at 21:24

In the US?

ldanielrosa - 14-11-2010 at 00:30

"In the US? "

Yes. It may vary by state. Here in Washington we pick it up at the liquor store.

ChemistryGhost - 27-7-2012 at 21:49

If you want pure ethanol, just buy everclear, add dehydrating agents, distill, then add piperidine and denatonium. And there you have it. Pure lab grade 99.99% ethanol! Everclear is sold to mix in drinks, but is the purest and cheapest form of underregulated ethanol. Lab solvent! :cool:
Don't drink it! Ethanol is deathanol! :)

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Dr.Bob - 29-7-2012 at 19:52

We buy ethanol where I work just fine, do have to keep track of it, but not too big a deal. It is actually quite cheap nowadays, since millions of gallons are made per year to add to gasoline, it costs about $5 per gallon if you have the ATF license. Most colleges and larger R & D companies have a permit. I love it as a solvent, not too flammable, less toxic than most solvents, miscible with water, and dissolves many chemicals. I use it for Cat. hydrogenations often, much safer than MeOH.

DH2 - 25-5-2013 at 10:12

There are at least a couple of completely OTC products that are 99% nitroethane. The only caveat is that you need to dry them before use. One product is related to cyanoacrylate removal and the other is a brush cleaner for professional nail studio applications. You will definitely want to dry each of these with the appropriately sized molecular sieve (I want to say 4A, but check _Purification of Laboratory Chemicals_ before you take my word for it.) before using but acquiring small amounts of nitroethane isn't exactly a problem. In Europe there are even more products that are 50-100% nitroethane so you should have even less problem finding it there.