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Acid resistant paint for themometer??

Justin - 2-9-2010 at 20:22

I searched the forum for an answer but i didnt find one, my dilemma is that i was recently distilling fuming HNO3 and it ate the paint off my thermometer, luckily it has grooves in the glass for the increment, so alittle paint in the grooves and it would be like new again, i don't plan on distilling corrosive acids much at all, but i would be nice if it would hold up too HNO3 for that rare occasion when i need more fuming HNO3 from the 70% that i have. Anyone know of a good paint for this application??

psychokinetic - 2-9-2010 at 22:00

Perhaps an etched thermometer would be more appropriate for heavy acid work?

Sorry I didn't actually answer your question, however.

Contrabasso - 3-9-2010 at 12:37

Pay the money and get a real Quickfit branded coned thermometer to suit your needs. Or use a ground jointed thermometer pocket with some thermal transfer oil.

denatured - 3-9-2010 at 14:02

You can try painting it with whatever paint you have then paint it with epoxy glue, not sure though if it will hold long enough.

BromicAcid - 3-9-2010 at 16:32

I've had the same problem in the past and I just use a pain marker and run it real quick over the graduations then use my finger and run it over the same marks to wipe off the excess and get it in the grooves. It makes the numbers visible once again. Has to be repeated every few times but since thermometers usually go on the pot side contamination to the distillate is non-existent and any contamination to the pot is minimal (due to the quantity of the material involved). Cheap and effective.

Justin - 4-9-2010 at 09:40

Ya i had a 10/30 ground glass thermo that went up too 400C and i made the stupidest mistake of placing it in 250C+ H2SO4, popped the damn bulb,luckily i was in full gear cuz that fountain of H2SO4 scared the s**t outta me!!! Hell i could throw some sulfuric on some pants put em in the wash and sell em for $100 bucks a pair with the "holy" jeans style over here in the states. THe sharpie idea came to mind too bromic, may just use a sharpie or try denatureds idea. I need to get another ground glass thermo and a adapter because my teflon thermo adapter leaks around the o-ring when i pull a vacuum on my setup, and i wasnt pulling much with my pos used gast diaphram that needs a overhaul, i just use it for filtration mainly, i need to get a aspirator. Anyone else had a leaky thermo joint?? i figured ground glass would be the only way too fix it, i tried grease and all and it still leaks!!!