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fixing a old mag-strir hotplate PC-351

cyclohexane - 13-12-2010 at 22:06

a old 300 series corning stirrer/hotplate was acquired at
A amazing price, however the price was so cheap because the ferrite magnet had cracked and flown apart.

putting it together and measuring, then ordering a replacement seemed like a slam dunk.

nope, corning discontinued the old 300 series ans claimed the new magnets were incompatible, and they didn't even have any specs or tech info.....just sales crap on brand new models.....

overall the ferrite magnet is thin for its diameter ( most of simpler outer diameter are twice as thick) and the inner hole is small for its size.

so far its down to 3 options...
1) pay 400$ for a custom sized SimCo or Ferrite replacement.
simco should provide stronger stirring then the ferrite original.

2) add risers under where the heating mantel attaches to accommodate a right sized but thicker magnet.

3) grind into the ceramic material to accommodate a proper inner hole sized magnet with too wide a outer diameter.....praying i dont hit the elements that must be embedded in it....i would be widing the existing cavity.

....or some combo of both to get it fixed.
if anyone has any ideas....its a Corning PC-351.

starch - 13-12-2010 at 22:44

have a look here cyclo these guys do refirb stirers maybe email them to see if they might have a magnet

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cyclohexane - 14-12-2010 at 07:16

TY......i seen those guys before, never occurred to me
to try to buy just a part from them.

chemrox - 14-12-2010 at 16:58

If they can't help cut your losses and watch the used equipment market. I have bought two really good ones for under $100 each.. one was less than $30. The magnetic stir/hot plate is an essential so they're hard to find cheap but it can be done. Just hang out and watch the auctions.

starch - 14-12-2010 at 20:21

np cyclo

let us know how ya go :), would be sweet to see ya get it up and running

ahhhhh jimbeam delema, cracked a can it must have been shakin grrrr its everywhere :D

anyway good luck

starch - 3-1-2011 at 19:49

Cyclo how did you go with this stirplate ?