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Filter "cartridge" from homemade materials

wotaen - 16-3-2020 at 06:25

Hi All,

over the years I've been amazed by this forums' members skills, technical talent and out-of-the-box thinking. You all have amazing equipment and capabilities.

Many people have skill to make the respirator body (sewing mainly) to make the respirator body, we need to have the proper filtration.

So how can one prepare a material with holes smaller than 0.1 micron that can be embedded (sewed) in the fabric?

draculic acid69 - 16-3-2020 at 08:22

Not sure you can make something with holes that small at home.i think you would have to buy it

TheMrbunGee - 16-3-2020 at 09:22

What are you willing to stop in it? because if this is the virus thing, then you don't have to filter the virus as such, but the droplet it is in, which is way bigger, and likes to stick, so to say. not saying it would be virus-proof, but stacking layers of fine fabric would greatly decrease the chance of inhaling a tiny droplet. If there are no leaks.

solo - 16-3-2020 at 13:36

Try filters on paint guns... they cover up to .1 microns....solo

yobbo II - 16-3-2020 at 15:19

HEPA filters for vacuum cleaners?

Not exactly homemade.


wotaen - 17-3-2020 at 05:16

Thanks for the suggestions. I have not actually seen a HEPA filter in vacuum cleaner, just heard that they're a bit too fragile to be put in respirator.

There seems to be a research that suggests that even a dish towel is good enough for protection. So I guess there I have it.

phlogiston - 17-3-2020 at 07:24

Gore-tex maybe?
You probably need a pretty large surface area of that though to allow enough air to pass for breathing.

solo - 20-3-2020 at 17:29

HEPA filter paper,....just sanwich or sew it into your mask....