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Stannous nitrate

Tacticalnuke101 - 31-3-2020 at 10:57

This substance has very little info about it on the web, but from what I have found it seems to be quite energetic and detonates into a shower of sparks. The anhydrous form quickly transforms into the hydrate Sn(NO3)2.20H2O

This compound is either prepared by the displacement reaction between Tin metal and Copper nitrate (Sn+Cu(NO3)2 --> Sn(NO3)2+Cu) or dissolving Tin in weak nitric acid.
(Sn+HNO3 --> Sn(NO3)2)

This compound seems surprisingly simple to synthesize. Which brings me to my question, does the salt have to be converted to the basic form Sn3(OH)4(NO3)2 to be usable? or is it fine without being in basic form?

B(a)P - 31-3-2020 at 16:48

There is an existing thread on this, which might help.