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Wanna confirm the procedure for making ammonium permanganate?

idrbur - 5-5-2020 at 01:07

I am trying to make ammonium permanganate and so i searched fir it it found a method on this website but it says to react 25gm of KMnO4 with 200gm of ammonium nitrate. So is it just a typing error it or i need 200gm gm ammonium nitrate.

B(a)P - 5-5-2020 at 02:24

You might like to look here.

idrbur - 5-5-2020 at 04:53


S.C. Wack - 5-5-2020 at 13:46

A short alternate plan (using the chloride) is in my scan of Schlessinger.

TheMrbunGee - 5-5-2020 at 15:38

30g of potassium permanganate is dissolved in 120 ml 60°C water, a 50% excess of 15g ammonium chloride is dissolved in 30 ml 60°C water, solutions are combined while stirring. Solution is cooled to 0°C and formed crystals are filtered, washed and dried. With sloppy washings 92% yield. 24g of 26g theoretical.

Consider this method, can be done in 20 mins to dry crystals, can't beat that. :D

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