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Best place to get glassware in Germany?

Draeger - 19-6-2020 at 10:02

I'm having problems finding a stable source for glassware in Germany. The little amount of glassware I have is all collected together from eBay or the small collection of glassware some other chemical oriented shops have. There are also lots of shops that sell glassware very expensively. I'd be fine with buying my glassware like I am used to, but I want to know if there's some source I'm missing out on.

dawt - 19-6-2020 at 10:56

Some people have been moving to chinese vendors, but I find them lacking. At least on eBay and Aliexpress, not sure where else to look. Sure, for basic equipment they might be fine, but then you're stuck in 24/29 or the likes and good luck getting more intricate glassware to match without using a stupid amount of adapters. (Edit for non-Germans: 14/23 and 29/32 have been the standard here for decades. That's where the good deals for quality used gear are!)

I get most of my basic stuff used on eBay and have alerts set up for stuff I'm looking for. If that doesn't pan out I head over to Neubert for the more interesting bits. Occasionally I've also found some really good deals at, formerly known als Handelskontor Freitag.

If you find an eBay vendor who regularly sells glassware it's also a good idea to just ask them for something you're looking for. A fair number of them actually have way more in stock than they post on eBay, and sell most of their stuff to businesses and universities. The market for hobbyists is actually really tiny. I recently bought a stirplate from a dude and when I went to pick it up he had a whole warehouse full of analytical equipment. He's getting 40 palettes of more stuff in a few weeks and he invited me over to get my first pick of an IR spectrometer.

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karlos³ - 19-6-2020 at 13:04

Coming from the same country, I can not recommend buying glass in the country directly.
One of the issues is, that we Germans use the relatively rare(in international terms) size 29/32 most commonly, and this means the options to get it cheap elsewhere are pretty limited.
You can save some cash by using czech glass supplier who produce in this size... but thats about it in my opinion.
Just like dawt says too, don't, not a very good idea.

But besides this, Neubert Glas and Krumpholz Laborbedarf are good vendors, though not the cheapest ones.
Sometimes you can get a good deal with Handelskontor Freitag as well.

What I instead recommend you, having to put off with the prices for too long myself, which you always have to pay when buying such stuff national, is to not even start it this way at all...

For quite a few years, I saw the discussions about chinese glass, and sometimes I looked at their prices, astonished and a bit jealous of course too.
And the discourse slowly changed regarding the general opinion about the quality.
Not the prices though.
Now, buying from a reputable chinese glass supplier will provide you with glass that is qualitatively on par with the usual stuff out of european production, and not only that, if somethings gets broken during the shipping, they will replace it directly...
No way they would do bad customer support, in turn damaging their customer rating on ebay! :D

So I switched completely, and this was a great moment for me, because now everytime something breaks I am just a small percentage as angry/annoyed as I was earlier, since the stuff is so much more affordable :D
You can get a whole distillation setup I mean, for the price you pay here for a condenser only! :o
And so on, the stuff is so much cheaper, especially those kits they sell, this is absolutely no comparison to the prices over here.
I recommend to use the size 24/40, which is quite similar to our 29/32.
Buy a few adapters if you already own enough of the latter size to justify this.
If you're already stuck on 29/32, you will often have hard time to find a replacement part for a good price, or even at all... believe me, I was there, way too often sadly.

To me it sounds like you, as you obviously just started with the hobby, rather benefit from spending your money wisely.
Well, then this is the way to go.
The downside is of course the waiting time, but usually 3-4 weeks at most, this is something that justifies to save 3/4ths of the price when buying over here.
Especially for us hobbyists an important factor.

Schleimsäure - 19-6-2020 at 14:36

I got my NS29 and NS14 glassware (masses of 3 necks, condensers, special itmes) mostly through ebay Kleinanzeigen. Especially from former East Germany you get the real stuff quite cheap.

My most basic purchase was 30 banana boxes full of NS29 and NS14 glassware from a former lab of a phosphate based fertilizer company near BErlin which turned insovent in 2002 or so. For 450 EUR. One of the former employees took all these things and stored them until I bought all of it in 2016 or so. Found it via ebay Kleinanzeigen. From the same contact I also got a kg of mercury later and some other chems very cheap.

In fact it was so much, mostly unused, that I could sell "compilations" like the following


10 times on ebay and got my investment cost back in.
What do I need 10 Liebig, 10 spiral, and 10 dimroth condensers or 15 1 liter 3-neck round bottoms for?
BTW the ebay buyers and other buyers were very happy with the shipments "excellent quality glassware".

It's worth it to look there, on ebay Kleinanzeigen, from time to time. The former GDR Eastern Block stuff (Rasotherm, Boral Pula) is the same quality as Schott Duran. Of course it depends on your location, if you are in Bavaria it would be quite a long way to Berlin or Leipzig of course. And shipping, paying upfront on ebay Kleinanzeigen is not always a good idea.

For things still missing then you will have to pay more of course, like adapters etc.

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pneumatician - 1-9-2020 at 15:05 ???

or the guy in selling the witeg catalog, chemicalbruda I think

witeg are doing now strange things. I registered to buy a flat frange dn 100 with a joint and after some days redirected to a company in Catalonia. This guys say: in 15 days you have the piece, but after many calls and emails the piece is for end of this setember so I need to ask to return the money and end the purchase. In the end I find it in, chemicalbruda at lower price.

maybe this too:

I purchased a lot of glassware from usa, inclusive 10L flask with 24/40 but now spanish customs make pay you for nothing big amounds of money and taxes and... and in the end is more cheap to buy Schott-Duran brand glass :D

24/40 is for < 2L flask, beyond this in near impossible to remove dirt and clean the inside, so use it for liquids only.

well the most wide in standart joints are 45/XX but inclusive this is too much narrow to remove hardered things so I use DN100 joints in which I can put my hand to the bottom inside.

metalresearcher - 2-9-2020 at 11:10

I ordered there some glassware.

More expensive than AliExpress or other Chinese suplliers, but also more quality (Gründlicher !).

karlos³ - 2-9-2020 at 11:19

I don't think that the glass from neubert(yes I own some from them) is "gründlicher" as the stuff you get from deschem etc. nowadays.
I even switched to 24/40 because the chinese glass is just as good.
Also, my chinese dimroth hasn't broken as quickly(rather, not at all) than my dimroth from neubert :o