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nshoebox - 25-2-2011 at 00:17

Level 277 Chem lab, we identify our unknown substance as Na2SO4, and reproduced our unknown with a simple double replacement; 2NaOH + H2SO4 > Na2SO4 + 2HOH. As part of our lab, we have to give a presentations on our unknown substance (Na2SO4). This compound looks boring, I was wondering if anyone knows any interesting facts/experiments with Na2SO4.

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Lambda-Eyde - 25-2-2011 at 00:19

Fun fact about NaSO<sub>4</sub>? It doesn't exist. :P

nshoebox - 25-2-2011 at 00:21

Sorry, I meant (Na)2SO4

I'll fix it on the post

ScienceSquirrel - 25-2-2011 at 03:53

Why not check out Wikipedia?

Elawr - 25-2-2011 at 06:46

I've yet to meet a truly boring compound! Na2S04 is not toxic or very reactive, so play around with it and do some simple experiments. See how much you can dissolve in H2O, then try and grow some crystals. Will it make double salts (alums) the way K2SO4 will? A favorite of mine: see what happens if you burn it...heat some up and watch it melt. Find out if it will decompose into something else.

Just don't eat it as it is a laxative! :-)

nshoebox - 25-2-2011 at 09:27

Thank you for the Ideas, I'll try and get in the lab and play around with it.

rrkss - 25-2-2011 at 11:25

Its anhydrous form is very useful in drying organic liquids