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earpain - 16-4-2020 at 10:10

What I need:
one large single necked boiling flask.
One large 2 - 3 necked boiling flask.
By Large I mean 500ml - 2l

any taper as long as everything connects:
and SPD head
about 3 or 4 50ml to 100ml quality flasks suitable for molecular distillation conditions, and magnetic stirring

A fritted buchner funnel or maybe if matching filter paper is available a traditional one.

depending on prices, a 1L or larger sep funnel

And depending on prices, a Vigereux column, or I have always wanted to try our column chromatography , be it via gravity or vacuum or pressure, but have always been intimidated by the silica. A distillation column of some sort, come to think of it, for 24/40, would be a good idea

Dr.Bob - 16-4-2020 at 16:33

I don't upload a new spreadsheet too often, as while some things change often, the bulk of the things don't change much. And it is not prefect to start, as I have more than is listed, and am trying to add more things constantly, but still going through boxes of stuff to add. It is only meant as a rough guide, even if it says 0, I may have one, but if it says 0, I doubt that I can provide 10 of something. But if it says 24 of something, I may have sold one or two, but not likely all 24. So if it is listed as having more than 1, I likely still have at least one of something. Most of the glassware is US made, I'll state if not.

In 24/40 the largest single rbf I have right now is 500 ml, I also have one or two 2 or 3 necks in 500 ml. I have recently found a dozen or more smaller 24/40 flasks, 50 and 100 ml, plus a few 250 ml rbfs in 1, 2, and 3 necks. I also have 50 and 100 ml in 14/20, so it depends on if you want to share the other parts.

I presume you want a short path dist head, I think I have one left in 24/40 and a couple left in 14/20 (with a 10/30 or 10/18 therm inlet). For simplicity, using all 24/40 might be easiest.

I have lots of glass frits (in the spreadsheet) and a few porcelin Buchners left, but mostly larger ones.

I have sep funnels in most sizes from 30 ml to 4 L, but 500 ml are about out, might only have those in glass stopcock type.

I have a few vigreux columns, in 14/20 (mostly 10 cm or 15), and a couple left in 24/40 I think.

I have lots of glass flash columns left, ideal simple starter one is maybe 1/2 - 1" dia, and 1-2 feet long with a frit and stopcock for about $20. I'll throw in a bottle of flash silica gel for free.

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earpain - 26-4-2020 at 23:38

Dr. Bob put together a fairly long and specific list(it grew considerably beyond what I posted two replies ago. Buying glassware from a wholesaler, a recycler, a chinese ebay store may have its benefits. But Dr. Bob for most items STILL beats their prices, AND I could tell he enjoyed helping me finally have the equipment to make my dreams come true. Fedex = 2 days to New England. Items: Nothing broken.
My customer satisfaction level could only be described by one word: elated
(Sorry Dr. Bob it's been almost a week since I got the items but they are all just so distracting I forgot to post this review=D)

Dr.Bob - 7-5-2020 at 06:16

I just got another Variac fixed with help from another member, so if anyone wants one, it is $100 plus shipping. It is a Staco 10Amp model, in good condition. If you are near northern Cal, I might be able to get it to you more directly, and save on shipping.

Dr.Bob - 8-5-2020 at 12:19

More stuff free except for postage (media mail, about $5-10). I have a medium sized box full of mathematical books, mostly esoteric, not arithmatic or simple ones, but also a few history of math books. So if there is anyone on here who is either a math major, math geek, or just loves math more than anything, please send me a u2u in the next few days. If I get more than one person in the next week, I will choose based on who sounds like the love math more.

Also, I have a box of 4 or so inorganic chemistry books, mostly older, including an older edition of Cotton's book, which will take about $6-9 in postage, if anyone here wants to learn that area of chemistry. This would be great for somone who plans to take inorganic in college or just is a nerd.

I am workiong on sets of other books, I have a ton of books on statistics (mostly advanced, esoteric ones), risk management, and much more. If anyone really likes science books, send me a note and I can provide a rough list of what I have, some would be nearly free, postage only, others are listed on Amazon or Ebay, but I can sell direct for less. It is about 3000 books.


OldNubbins - 19-5-2020 at 20:57

Quote: Originally posted by Dr.Bob  
I just got another Variac fixed with help from another member, so if anyone wants one, it is $100 plus shipping. It is a Staco 10Amp model, in good condition. If you are near northern Cal, I might be able to get it to you more directly, and save on shipping.

I probably should have added to this sooner but ave been busy being unemployed :D

It has been great working with Bob on some of his equipment repairs and he has been extremely helpful with some pieces of kit in return. The variac in question is shown below. I replaced the outlet receptacle and fuse holder. The loose rust on the outer body was cleaned up and a coat of acrylic was applied to the inner and outer surfaces to keep additional rust at bay. The contacts and exposed winding surfaces were treated with an anti-oxidant grease and the ceramic center shaft got a light coat of silicone since the squeaking was driving me nuts. This thing is solid and will last a long time.

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Ironhead - 11-6-2020 at 03:25

Dr. Bob I’m looking for a hot plate w/magnet stirrer, Variaic if you have one, lab stands, clamps (to enough to hold my distillation set 19/22.) plus various other pieces.



Housane - 11-6-2020 at 06:57

Dr Bob, I am looking for 19/26 vacuum adaptor, and other bits of 19/26 glassware.



Dr.Bob - 12-6-2020 at 16:05

I do have one working Variac in stock for $100 (Staco, 10 amp, great variac), trying to repair some hotplates, but might have a working one, what budget are you looking for (cheap, medium, high end?). i do have a few clamps and hardware left, but it is running out, so some is pretty used, but cheaper.

I do have some 19/22 (with a few of the longer version joints) parts and pieces. That included inlet adapters (I would ask $5 for most) and simiialr pieces. Most are shown two pages back on page 23, link below. The left top kit and a few other pieces are about to get purchased, but I still have the entire right top kit as well as more adapters from 19/22 to and from many other joints. If there are specific ones that you want, just let me know which. I also have some other random 19/22 pieces and some small flasks that are not shown.

I think what you want is on the to pleft photo, right edge in the middle, a right angle inlet, I likely have another one somewhere loose.

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Ironhead - 12-6-2020 at 17:23

My budget is a few hundred dollars. I’d like to keep around $300-$500. I have a distillation kit that came in nice wood box. I assume it was from a school. I’m honestly not sure what pieces I want. But I do know somethings I need. I want a variac because it looks like and sounds like you need to use one with your heat source. Also a good used hot plate or heating element (I think that’s what it’s called)with the magnetic stirrer. (For the right price maybe both.) my goal it to get what I need to do something. I new to Chemistry so I don’t quite know what I need. I’ll list what I have and if you don’t mind Giving me some thoughts on what I would need. Extra flasks, sep funnel, etc....
I’ll try to get that list to you tonight. Thanks Dr. Bob

Housane - 13-6-2020 at 05:48

Thanks Dr Bob, yes you are correct, that is what i was looking for do you also have any small flasks, around 50 -100ml and what cost would this be to the UK?

Dr.Bob - 13-6-2020 at 17:19

I do have a few small 19/22 flaks, but the postage to the UK is pretty insane now, and shipping international is also almost competely shut down now, due to the lack of flights. I'll gather a few and try to see what they weight, but even a small package to the Uk is about $26 postage last I checked.

Dr.Bob - 21-6-2020 at 18:36

I just finished testing some UV lamps. Most are UVP brand, most are dual wavelength, 254 and 365 nm, and I have them in the small and larger models, several models and types. To see examples of almost every one I have just search "uvp uv lamp" in Ebay, and you will find about 100 examples, and I have one or more of most. I would sell the smaller single wavelength units for $60, and the dual wavelenth units for $80, and the larger dual ones for $100.

I also have one pretty new Corning stir only plate for $80, plus two older PC-351 models, one dirty one for $80, and one nicer one for $90, one may be pending sale. Working one fixing and checking some more newer models, but running out of them now.

Thanks to everyone for the orders and business, I have been keeping pretty busy with orders from here and other places. And again, if you need something let me know and I can try to find it, but shipping outside of the US is nearly impossible right now, slow, and very costly, so I don't ship much out of the US. But shipping inside the US is going pretty well, just getting pricier now.

halogent - 6-7-2020 at 13:07

Just my small endorsement of Dr.Bob...

shipped cross-country (USA) and the packing was exceptional, but not packing peanuts... only a few of those, and they formed the base layer and was left inside the box when I was all done, making for easy cleanup. What I got was a box of boxes, with the components all individually bubble wrapped. I mean, it’s a really small thing, but we call that attention to detail (and it really sucks to spend money on glass, only to realize they got stingy with the packing, and then negotiating with the seller for some portion of a refund, resulting in a multifaceted net-loss of time and money, and then, you get in trouble for messing up the living room with packing peanuts... But I digress... :))Very pleasant to interact with, and a very satisfactory price point... all in all, 10/10 would (and will) patronize again.

Yet another glowing review!

ThePKWonder - 6-8-2020 at 15:46

Adding to the list of endorsements, I just received an order from Dr.Bob of 20 bottles, most with PTFE lined caps, and a Corning PC-420 analog stirring hotplate, and everything looks great! The hot plate feels even sturdier than I imagined, and the stirring and heating functions came right on. The assortment of bottles has a very useful variety, and due to the excellent packaging there are no broken bottles. His prices were more than reasonable, he was quick to respond to messages, and I even got a tracking number. I'm very happy with the whole process, I'm sure I'll be a returning costumer, and I recommend anyone looking for equipment to reach out to Dr.Bob!

B(a)P - 7-8-2020 at 01:46

Hi, has anything changed with regards to shipping OS or are you still only shipping to America? Cheers

Dr.Bob - 7-8-2020 at 11:57

Yes, it has gotten worse, sadly, due to the small number of planes flying between countries. I have discovered that DHL is sometimes cheaper than the post office, for small packages, so if you are seriously interested, let me know and I can see what the package size and weight would be and check. For small, valuable or non-fragile items, it is not so bad, for large, bulky or heavy items, the prices can be really bad, and one item I shipped to Australia took 4 months to arrive and apparently looked like it had been dropped from the plane, although the main items survives.

B(a)P - 7-8-2020 at 12:05

Thanks for the update, I might wait for better times. I am looking for a pressure equalising dropping funnel. Doesn't sound like a good idea just at the moment....

Dr.Bob - 8-8-2020 at 05:45

If you are in Canada, it is not so bad, everywhere else should likely wait a while. China is the only place that is doing better in getting mail to other countries, as the government pays extra to get exports out quickly for cheap, but even they raised rates recently, from what I hear.

Murcury - 10-9-2020 at 01:42

What a list!! The 2 items I’m looking for says qty 0 but I figured I’d ask anyway.
A 1L round bottom flask and a 75 degree adapter for distillation both with 24/40 connections. The adapter can be with a thermometer port if there is a way to seal it when not needed.

Dr.Bob - 13-9-2020 at 13:31

I am pretty much out of all 24/40 rbfs over 250 ml now. I don;t expect that to change unless I get some new stuff.

I do have 24/40 simple distillation heads, a very few with all 3 24/40 joints and a few with 10/30 therm adapters on top as well. Links to similar ones are shown below. They would be $20 each. I am completely out of those in 14/20.

Dr.Bob - 15-9-2020 at 04:26

I did just find a 1L flat bottom flask, if that helps, first dibs to Murcury [sic], but then its up for grabs.


Dr.Bob - 26-9-2020 at 07:55

I just finished cleaning up a few boxes of stuff that had some stirbars left in them. Since there are at least 50 types of them, I have decided to put together about a dozen assortments of stirbars, each will have at least 10 stirbars, varying from tiny fleas to 3" hex rods. They are more than half brand new, even a ew in orignal blister packs, plus some used ones that are mostly clean, but a very few have minor staining. I have triied to mix them up well, so all are similar proportions. Each assortment of 10 is $15, plus postage, which is roughly half of the price I am selling the individual items on Ebay for. If you buy with other items, the postage will nbot change, as they are very light, otherwise about $3-4 via first class mail.

Each bag will contain at least one of each of these

~1/4" colored flea
3/8" flea
1/2" x 1/8" flea
3/8" oval
one or two various 1/2" rods, fatter than the flea
1" simple rod
and then at least one longer rod or hexagonal one.
most also have a circular type on (cross, ring, circle, etc) of small, medium or large size.
and then a few more various one to make 10

If anyone wants a particular size, shape or style included, I can try to accommidate your requests. I do have a few random ovals left new in package, some new huge ovals (bigger than a 24/40 joint), plus a few new in package fleas, if people are interested. Lastly, if anyone wants bulk numbers of a particular flea or the small ovals (3/8" x 1/8") I have most new in large numbers, and those would be much cheaper than anywhere else.

arkoma - 26-9-2020 at 09:56


paulll - 2-10-2020 at 19:32

Hi Dr. Bob,
Couple of things I am looking for:
Do you have any burettes? Preferably .05ml graduation.
Any of those Dean-Starks left in 24/40 or 24/29?
An equalising addition funnel, around 125ml, again 24/40 or 24/29?
A gas washing bottle, again preferably around 125ml.

Thanks in advance:)

Dr.Bob - 3-10-2020 at 09:16

I do have burettes, the 25 and 50 ml ones are in 0.1 incriments, I have one 10 ml one with marks every 0.05 ml. They would be $15 or 2 for $25, the postage for them can be a little high as they are long and fragile, so they end up in bigger boxes or tubes.

I do have a simple 10 ml dean Stark left in 24/40 (lots left in 14/20 and 29/42 joints), that would be $20.

I have a few addition funnels left in 24/40, 2 in 125 ml (one graduated Ace, ($50), one is not ($45)). one 500 ml ($65)

And I have lots of glass washing bottles, photos and prices are a few pages back I think in this thread.

Panache - 7-10-2020 at 00:51

Dr Bob, do you have any qvf stuff?. Im after a 50l vessel holder. Basically a cast aluminium part contoured to the 50l rb they sell.
Actually do you have list of what you have?

Dr.Bob - 8-10-2020 at 16:30

I do have some jacketed reactors, only a few, mostly 1L and smaller, but a couple of 2 L ones, I think, and one brand new 5L jacketted reacttor, which I hope to put on ebay soon. They sell for ~$3000 new, but I doubt I wil get near that, so if anyone wants one, let me know. But the 500 and 1000 ml ones I do have about 6 of I think. I also have some sort of 10-12 L fermentation thing, which is a non-jacketted cylinder reactor with about 12 different inlets and joints on top. Still trying to figure out prices for them, but willing to take offers. I have some photos, but need to find that picture folder again.

Also, I do have some parts and fitting in QVF brands, again, many are single items, odd pieces, and more. But I have glass pipes, elbows and a drain to build a sep funnel like fixed reactor drain setup. Just have not had time to unpack, photograph and list on Ebay yet.

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Dr.Bob - 8-10-2020 at 17:06

Also, I just got 12 Qorpak 250 ml narrow mouth, amber bottles with greem PTFE lined caps. I have had 60 and 120 ml ones, and some people wanted bigger, but I just got some with a trade of some bottles with another member. I have one 1L one left as well, haven;t had 500 ml for a while, but if enough people wanted some, I could try to find some. Hope everyone is staying well.

Dr.Bob - 12-10-2020 at 17:54

I finally took some photos of some more unusual stir rods. These are 10 mm diam and mostly about 16-20 inches long. I have multiples of most of these, plus the normal nail head type 10 mm stir rods in several lengths. The all glass ones have 3 or 4 paddles, straight or curved. and have several types. I would ask $25 each for these, less for multiples. They sell for about $150 new from Chemglass..

I had some issues posting this, and could not get it to cro pright, but then it shrunk part while I tried to cut it in half.

20201011_115333cropleft.jpg - 813kB 20201011_115333cropright.jpg - 924kB

arkoma - 13-10-2020 at 09:34

Thanks again Dr. Bob!! Got my stirbars today and indeed it is a nice assortment. Pray tell, what is you ebay store called?

Dr.Bob - 13-10-2020 at 16:34

I tried to use researchtrianglebooks but my friend had used it and abandoned it before, so it was locked up. So I use rearchtrianglebooksandmore, the link is:

I have not had time to list much here, I mostly list the science items I have a lot of, as it is so complex now. Ebay is now requiring a UPC, manufacturer part number, multiple photos and much more for every item. I also have a few clothing items that I have gotten a while back at a store closing auction where I wanted a few items but I had to bid on a large lot just to get a few shirts. I went to one many yeara ago and got a bunch of nice Nike shirts for $5 each, so I sold those as well, but I occasionally find similar deals now. If anyone wants anything there, I can offer a much better price directly through paypal, as Ebay adds 15% to the entire puchase, including postage, so it ened up costing about 25more fees, both are way too high now.

Dr.Bob - 13-10-2020 at 17:00

Going to try a few more photos. I just assembled a Buchi Rotovap R111 for someone recently, and I have another one, almost identical almost finished as well. I sold the last one for about $800, but I can adapt or build one for almost any variation, dry ice condenser, complex receiver (allows draining it while running), and I have a few heads. I even have steam ducts for 29/42 as well as 24/40. I also have various glassware options, sizes, and bump bulbs, etc. I may list one on Ebay eventually, but as stated above, that raises the price by about 20% almost immediately. So if anyone if interested in a complete Rotovap or parts and pieces, I have quite a few left. I also have some older motors which could be used to build a simpler Rotovap for less.

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20200914_213618crop.jpg - 1.4MB20200914_213809crop1.jpg - 1.3MB

Texium - 13-10-2020 at 17:06

How much for a dry ice condenser alone?

I don't know why I'm even asking when I don't have time to set up a lab right now...

Dr.Bob - 13-10-2020 at 17:15

The complete dry ice condenser with stopcock I would ask about $150 to $200 for, depending on exactly which type and if you want the receeiver and clamp or threaded coupler or seal. They go for $400-800 on Ebay.

arkoma - 14-10-2020 at 01:22

Quote: Originally posted by Texium (zts16)  
How much for a dry ice condenser alone?
I don't know why I'm even asking when I don't have time to set up a lab right now...

Because we just can't help it...............

Dr.Bob - 15-10-2020 at 18:12

Anybody have a use for a glass tube, about 24" long, 2" ID, 2 3/16" OD, (~51 mm ID, 56 mm OD, wall about 2 mm thick. Not quartz, based on UV absroance, I assume it is Pyrex/borosilicate, but not sure. It appears to have been part of some chromatographic system maybe, or might be intended as a reactor tube, but it is possible that it was just some glass plumbing (used to be used in many labs to resist acids and solvents) of some sort as well. There are no flanges or joints at the end, it is just cut smooth and firepolished slightly. I might have a few of these, but just found one for sure, think I have seen others in the pile.

I am happy to give it to anyone in the US who will pay the postage (about 3 pounds inside a tube, more if shipped in a better padded box). That could be as little as $10 or up to $20 to Cal. Or I can add it to any other order for the additional shipping. I have so many odd things like this that I just don't know what to do with them. if I had time to unpack, photograph and list them it would be great, but I barely have time to do much lately, so just trying to clean up loose items that were packed in boxes that I have almost emptired otherwise. I have many loose items like that that are just hard to describe or sell.

Also just found a 500 ml round bottom flask in mint condition with three necks, the center is 34/45, the two sicde are both 29/42, ideal for anyone who already has some 29/42 glassware. I'd only ask $10, and it is like new. I still have lots of various all 29/42 rbfs, mostly 3 necks, from 100 to 1000 ml, they all sell for 24/40 price.

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Texium - 15-10-2020 at 20:25

Do you have 29/42 to 24/40 adapters? (I don’t need them, but if you do, it might make it easier to sell off some of those flasks).

Don’t have a use for that tubing either: I had a brief hope that it would fit nicely in my tube furnace, but then I realized that it’s definitely too fat.

Morgan - 16-10-2020 at 09:08

Quote: Originally posted by Texium (zts16)  
Do you have 29/42 to 24/40 adapters? (I don’t need them, but if you do, it might make it easier to sell off some of those flasks).

Don’t have a use for that tubing either: I had a brief hope that it would fit nicely in my tube furnace, but then I realized that it’s definitely too fat.

As an aside, there is this big hunk of quartz for sale at a reasonable price on eBay. While it's just another tube furnace I was wondering if it would work as a barking dog demonstration too. Sometimes with an intake, shapes like this will rev up or bark quite impressively as feedback builds akin to a valveless pulsejet. You could also stopper the small end and most probable get it to bark just using methanol.
Anyway just a thought ...

Dr.Bob - 16-10-2020 at 16:20

I am running out of those adapters, which is why I figure they are best for someone who already has some 29/42 glassware. I already have some 29/42 rbfs on Ebay, but not a lot of sales. Just figured I would mention it here first. I have lots of 14/20 to 29/42 adapters left, howeverr...

zenosxr - 22-10-2020 at 16:59

I am looking for a 24/40 tube for a vacuum trap, the one I had shattered but head is good. Have anything that would work? (Aspirator vac only).

Dr.Bob - 29-10-2020 at 07:48

Here is the latest list of what is left. I have tried to hide the lines that I am out of, so most of what you will see if what I actually have left.

I may have stuff not on the list, but should have most of what is listed now. Thanks again for the great interest from Science Madness users.

Attachment: Glassware Inventory Nov 2020.xls (97kB)
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flakestoday - 3-11-2020 at 11:02

Just want to make a quick post thanking Dr Bob - I have ordered glassware through him twice, and both times couldn't have gone more smoothly. Great packaging (even had some extra bottles and misc labware thrown into one of the orders) and everything was in great condition.

Dr.Bob - 14-11-2020 at 14:03

People keep asking me for photos of items, so I have compiled a list of photos that are already posted.

I have many more, but it takes a bit of work to upload them (many are too big or too small), but I can upload more photos if there are particular groups of items people want to see. I still have many items not listed yet anywhere, but keep trying to catalog and list another box each week or so. Examples of things not yet well cataloged are pippetors, 96 well plates, vial racks, adapters (rg 14/20 to 24/40), stoppers, rotovap parts, and much more. I also still have some 24/40 and 29/42 odd stuff not yet photographed.

The list below shows the page of the thread and what photos are in that page. I left out the photos of things that are all sold already like large rbfs and stirplates. You can either select that page by clicking on the page in the Page selector at the top or bottom left (eg Pages 1 2 3 ... 26) or just edit the URL to be the page number at the end of the web address, eg the right side of the line below:

http: // talk/ viewthread.php?tid=15667&page=26

Thread Page
3 - 14/20 odd pieces - condensers, adapters, addition funnels, etc
4 - some examples of 29/42 glassware - I have much , much more left.
5 - 24/40 odd pieces - Dean Starks (mostly gone), resin vessels, vial and tt racks, TLC chambers, etc
6 - rotovap condensers, vacuum traps, flash columns, odd fraction collectors
7 - 24/40 claisens, 19/22 kit, more traps, 24/40 dewar condensers (some gone)
8 - 47mm membrane filtration kit (I have many more of these in many variations)
9 - many filter frits, 14/20 various pieces, bits, and odd fittings, dist heads, dist. fraction collector
10 - Dewars and more dewars
11 - Thermometers and thermocouples
12 - Still heads, more dewars, condensers, 14/20 pieces
13 - 14/20 glasssware
15 - 24/40 condensers (some sold now), still heads, vacuum traps, sep funnels, dewars
16 - more complex rotovap condensers -
17 - flash columns, distillation heads, list of some free books
18 - glass dish containers
19 - More dewars
20 - Rotovap parts
21 - jacketed reactors, rbf with drain
23 - solid addition funnels, gas washing bottles, 19/22 kits (one is sold)
24 - small sep funnels
25 - Schlenk stuff, older and odd glassware, non-eq. addition funnels
26 - Odd Stir shafts, complete rotovap

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Dr.Bob - 27-11-2020 at 19:18

I am gathering together a few 24/40 distillation kits for two people right now, and while I am doing it, I am trying to put together about 3 more kits while I am doing this, as that will use many of the remaiing parts that I have left. I will still have some 24/40 parts, fittings, and condensers, but likely won't have enough to make full kits after these kits. I also still have lots of more complex still heads, custom pieces, adapters of all types, and much more. I may try to post some photos once the kits are done, both of them, and of the remaining items.

I am out of most large 24/40 rb flasks, so they will only have a few smaller flasks (likely 50 and 100 ml, maybe larger), but would include a 3 way dist head, curved vacuum adapter, claisen adapter, condenser (west or liebig is what I have the most of), a stopper, glass inlet, 2 keck clips, and then an assortment of other items. I can then add more items as desired as well as some bonus items that may vary. If you are interested, please let me know and I will let you know once they are ready, as well as can check for any additions you might want.

Dr.Bob - 14-12-2020 at 18:06

Just found a box with a few more larger sized 24/40 addition funnels in 250, 500, and I think 1000 ml sizes. I'm still checking them out and cleaning and testing them, but if you had asked me for one, please let me know if you want one, and I will give you first dibs. I know a few people asked be about them recently, and I was about out, but just found these while looking for some other items. I also still have lots in 29/42 as well and some smaller ones in 14/20, mostly 10, 25, and 50/60 ml ones. Also just found a nice 4 L erlenmeyer if anyone was looking for one.

Dr.Bob - 1-1-2021 at 10:29

Anyone want a 1975 CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics? Free with postage. I have a growing pile of old science books to clear out, so if you are looking for any chemistry or science books, please send me a rough idea of topics or list of subjects/titles and I can try to find you a box of them for the postage, which is roughly $3 plus $0.50 per pound for books. I have a box full of math books, lots of chemistry books, and many toxicology/carcinogeniesis/safety and related books. I sent one person a whole box of chemistry books for about $9 in postage. If you will be in NC anytime, I will fill your car with them...

valeg96 - 1-1-2021 at 11:17

Quote: Originally posted by Dr.Bob  
Anyone want a 1975 CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics? Free with postage. I have a growing pile of old science books to clear out, so if you are looking for any chemistry or science books, please send me a rough idea of topics or list of subjects/titles and I can try to find you a box of them for the postage, which is roughly $3 plus $0.50 per pound for books. I have a box full of math books, lots of chemistry books, and many toxicology/carcinogeniesis/safety and related books. I sent one person a whole box of chemistry books for about $9 in postage. If you will be in NC anytime, I will fill your car with them...

I'd take them without second thought, but I'm based in Europe, so unless you can find a way to ship them here, I don't know ...

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Dr.Bob - 1-1-2021 at 16:30

Yes, this is US only. I have had a growing issue shipping nearly anything internationally, so I am only doing US sales and shipping right now. Covid, politics, and rising prices have made international postage insane.

Dr.Bob - 7-1-2021 at 19:03

I wanted to let people know that I have been tied up with some family medical issues (not covid, but just about as bad) the last few weeks, so I apoligize if I have left anyone waiting for answers on emails or u2us.

I just got a few orders mostly ready, finihsed or packed, so I want to try to finish any remaining requests or queries that I may have let slide over the last month or so. With covid, having any medical issue is a diaster right now, so dealing with it has barely allowed me to keep up with my day job, much less my other tasks. So sorry if I have left anyone hanging, I think I have caught up with most, but if not, please send me a u2u or an email and I will try to finish the process. I always prioritize paid orders, so I think I have shipped all paid orders pretty well, but some people had asked me about various things and I may not have answered all in a timely way, so I am sorry.

I just hope that this nightmare (covid) gets controlled soon, so that we can all get back to dealing with the normal stress of staying alive and well, which was already mor than enough stress for most of us.

Dr.Bob - 7-2-2021 at 18:17

Just found another working Corning stir/hotplate as well as 2 older but working variacs. I would ask $120 plus shipping for the hotplate, as it is in great working condition and fairly new, and I would ask $80 plus shipping for the variacs (these are 2 prong plug, non-grounded units). I also just found a box of some nice, pretty clean, large 3 prong clamps, Fischer Castaloy style and several others others. They would be $12 each, plus shipping, plus $5 for a bosshead/clamp holder. These are some of the nicest ones I have found in a while.

20210207_174738 Corning 421.jpg - 985kB 20210207_163818 old variac smaller.jpg - 1.3MB

Dr.Bob - 9-6-2021 at 18:17

Have some sad news. My friend Ed passed away last week at 96 years.

He was my first chemistry mentor, reagents and materials source, and he gave me my first chemistry job, helping at his small company. He also was the source of much of the glassware I have been selling, from the fluorochemical company that he later formed that eventually closed, due to a long series of events.

Ed grew up in New England, went to college there, and then got pulled into WWII where he was a radio operator in India, but he never saw the combat that so many others did. After the war, he went to graduate school at Duke on the GI Bill, and learned all about fluorine chemistry, which was quite new due to the use of fluorine in the atomic program. He worked for a number of companies, government research groups, and then started his own company, making special fluorine chemicals.

He eventually joined with a few other small companies to start a larger fluorochemical company in the 1990's, buying a nice, but old research facility, which turned out to be highly polluted from previous owners, creating EPA issues that eventually closed the bussiness. When the business closed, Ed got the glassware and library, which he tried to sell over the newly popular internet back in the early 2000 period. That's what started me into the book and glassware businesses. There are many other stories, some pretty amazing or wild, but many similar to Max Gergal's books. I'll have to post some as I have time.

Ed was quite comfortable with his life and eventual death. A year ago we talked and he knew that his health was failing, as was his mind. But he said that he had had a long, fruitful, and exciting life, and had no regrets. He said that he was happy with whatever happened, as he had had a great time, and got to see one of the most amazing times in history. He had a Model T in graduate school, moving up to Mustangs, jaguars, and many other fun cars. His wife and he travelled around many years on vacations, seeing many places in the world. His wife passed away about 10 years ago, and lived with a niece since.

I want to thank everyone who bought books and glassware, which helped him afford to live well on his SS and other savings. He asked me to keep giving his share to his niece as she is also taking care of her ailing husband now. I'm still finding interesting things while helping his niece clean out the last of his stuff.

Sulaiman - 9-6-2021 at 23:22

sounds like Ed was a big part of your life - my condolences for your loss.

XeonTheMGPony - 10-6-2021 at 04:08

Sorry for the loss, sounds like a good solid man, and glad to hear he was able to be at peace in the end!

Glad his legacy will live on!

SHADYCHASE54 - 10-6-2021 at 04:51

Dr. Bob,
I didn't know if I should just email you directly however, since we haven't emailed in a while I figured I'd leave you a message here. I am very sorry to hear about your friend, there is little I or anyone could say to reduce the blow, so I will leave it with I feel for you. I hope you and your people are doing well otherwise.


Dr.Bob - 11-6-2021 at 04:08

Thanks for the notes. I just felt like posting it somewhere, as he out lived most of his friends and family, so the are few people left to tell that knew him well. And this place is somewhat theraputic to those us us that like science more than an average amount. There are few people I know that understand the desire to tinker and experiment at home, and Ed was clearly one of them, but this is the only other place I know poeple like that. All but a few of the professionals I work with have no interest in science outside of work.



hikerjohnson - 11-6-2021 at 06:01

Dr. Bob, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Like most of us I suspect, I work in a technical field, and also find the number of co-workers who see the magic in what we do to be quite small. Folks like that are a treasure, and to be kept close. *hug*

Dr.Bob - 27-7-2021 at 16:42

just found another box of lab clamps. Mostly large 3 prong ones, about 10 or 12, some like new, some more worn, a few medium 3 prong ones, some like new text tube type ones, and a few other ones. if you were looking for clamps, this is a good chance to get some. Earliest orders get the best of the items.

Also pulled out my box of mortars and pestles, so they are heavy but ship well via flat rate boxes, like the clamps. I also have a bunch of loose test tubes, so I can do a bag of them for $1 each, i have a variety of them, 16 x 150 mm normal, some screw top ones, some 13 x 100 mm normal and screw top, etc.

Dr.Bob - 29-7-2021 at 17:50

Also just found a box of runner stoppers, from 00 to about 12 or so, some are solid, some have one hole, and a few have 2 holes. If anyone wants an assortment of them, I can do a sandwhich bag of assorted ones (about 15 or so) for $5. I can also try to find specific ones, but would prefer to just do a bag of them, and try to onclude certain ones if I can. Hope everyone is staying well.

Billydee63 - 8-8-2021 at 09:34

Do you have any hot plate/ magnetic stirrer left Dr Bob?

Billydee63 - 8-8-2021 at 09:51

Do you have any hot plate/ magnetic stirrer left Dr Bob?

Dr.Bob - 10-8-2021 at 15:30

I don't think I have any good stirring hotplates currently, but I do have a stirrer only left right now. I have a few stirring hotplates that I need to repair or diagnose still, so one of these days I will have a few more. If anyone wants to try to fix one, I can probably sell one cheap or I have some parts and items for salvage left that I can sell cheap. I do have several variacs left that work.

chemical_agent - 19-8-2021 at 21:15

Sorry about your loss Dr. Bob.

Dr.Bob - 28-12-2021 at 08:39

Now that Christmas is over, I am trying to do some Spring Cleaning early in the books area.

I have the following sets of books which I would like to sell for postage only, which will be about $10 via media mail for 10-15 pounds of books.

First is Set A, a box of organic books, about a dozen, some old, some older, but a few classics that any organic chejmist should have. I will pick from whomever asks based on their actuiial use of these, so actrual students in chemistry get priority, but younger people are also fine. If multiple people ask, I can likely make a second box fo similair books, as I have duplicates of some.

Set B is a mix of analytical books on HPLC, Chromatography, spectroscopy, and more. If you are interested in a certain area, I can try to add more of those.

Next, I have Set C, about two boxes worth of math books, which I will break into two sets most likely, covering many areas, but with a pile of statical based books as well, just let me know if you prefer straight math, computers, geeky math, or statistics more.

For Set D, I have a pile of old electronics books, guides, and such, some may be obsolete, but not sure. If you have an interest in NMR, I have a few books on that, more on the electronic side, as well as Techtronix 2465 Ocilliscope Servcice manual if anyone wants it.

I am looking to gather together some more sets, which might include biochemistry, environment and pollution, toxicology, general chemistry books/old texbooks, and maybe pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry. I still have a lot of old books to give away, so let me know if you are ever driving through NC and I will let you fill your car...

Dr.Bob - 24-2-2022 at 14:31

I have found a home for some of the chemistry books, and have a few more people interested, btu I still have two boxes plus of math books, going to try to find them a home one more time here, and if not, i will donate them elsewhere, as I am long past running out of space for books. Here is a photo ofmost of them, there are more scattered about of similar topics. I could fit up to about half of them in a single box, which would cost about $10-15 to ship but that is all i would ask for them.

The Wolfram book on "A new kind of science" is about computer algorithm and fractal based math, ideal for flaming math and science geeks, I read it years ago, and it was pretty interesting. the mathematica book is a guide for the aplication, which was writen by Wolfram and is amazing, solving math problems in amazing ways. So great for anyone who loves math. (Mathematica not included).

I will keep looking for sets of books to offer, as I have more books than most people can imagine.

Dr.Bob - 28-2-2022 at 16:45

I have some photos of some jacketed reactors that i took for someone a while back and then they never bought any. So I will post them here, and see if anyone is interested in them. i haven't set firm prices, but would be interested in any offers and will try to figure out some prices soon.

DSCN6724  jacketed flask.JPG - 871kB DSCN7209   reactor top.JPG - 565kB DSCN8984.JPG - 1.5MB [file]92630[/file] DSCN8989.JPG - 1.5MB

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Dr.Bob - 3-3-2022 at 11:33

Note, I will be away from my PC a little while, so please be patient if you are trying to contact me, I will eventually get back to you. Hope everyone stays safe and that we can avoid world war 3 and get back to the lab everywhere.

Dr.Bob - 19-5-2022 at 16:23

I have a bunch of odd round bottom flasks left that I would like to sell cheap. if you have any interest, please send me a u2u or create a post and let me know what you would pay. if I accept, I would add postage to that, but most of these might be $5-10, other then the largest ones. A few of these I sat aside for people a while back, but they never sold, so I want to clean out my shipping area.

The list is below:

A) 3 L Pyrex brand rbf with 45/50 center joint, 2 side 24/40 joints, bottom half of flask is etched inside - I normally ask $40, I will take half or best offer

B) 1L Pyrex brand rbf with 34/45 center joint, 2 side 24/40 joints, bottom half of flask is slightly dirty or etched inside - I already have a 24/40 F to 34/45 m bushing adapter with it, so ready to go for 24/40 chemistry. Normally $20 in all 24/40 but again, I will take half or best offer.

C) 500 ml Pyrex brand rbf with 34/45 center joint, 2 side 24/40 joints, bottom half of flask is scratched or etched a bit inside - I can include with B) for a token amount extra

D) 500 ml Kontes brand rbf with 34/45 center joint, 2 side 24/40 joints, flask is nearly new looking.

E) 500 ml Kontes brand rbf with 45/50 center joint, 2 side 24/40 joints, flask is nearly new looking. I can throw it in with A) for a small amount more.

F) 500 ml Pyrex brand rbf with 24/40 center joint, 1 side 19/38 joint, flaask is in very good condition.

G) 500 ml kontex brand rbf with 24/40 center joint, 1 side 10/30 (thermometer) joint, flaask is in like new condition. I think I have a couple of these, ideal for real time temp monitoring.

Dr.Bob - 23-5-2022 at 09:36

A is gone, and B is pending.

Still have lots of 29/42 glassware if anyone is interested. Lots of 3 necked flasks in 250 and 500 ml, some other sizes, and plus many pieces of kit to go with the flasks.

Dr.Bob - 23-5-2022 at 17:58

someone asked me about a sublimation apparatus a little while ago, can't rememeb who, but it is was you, I just found a small one, about 1.5 x 10 mm inside chilled tube. Somewhere I have a large one, not sure where right now. But send me a note if it was you.

Dr.Bob - 23-7-2022 at 07:27

i'll be travelling again for the next week or so, so if you try to contact me, I will have poor access to internet while away. But will answer all notes as soon as I can. Will also try to update my spreadsheet soon then.

Dr.Bob - 10-8-2022 at 17:56

Finally back from my trip and caught up some. I was asked about thermometers, so I have updated my list of therms and will post it below, with some updates on the inventory in general. Thanks to all for their patience.

Attachment: Glassware Inventory Aug 2022.xls (79kB)
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Dr.Bob - 8-9-2022 at 16:10

I just put together a 1/2" alumninum rod latticework system for someone, and while I was at it, I found the parts for a second one as well. If anyone has thought about such a system, and wants one, I can provide enough materials to make a 3 x 4' lattice, with 4 x 3' rods, and 3 x 4' rods, plus 12 connectors and 4 feet. I am asking $100 for the entire kit, all parts are used, but usuable or better condition. The rods have a few stains or spots on them, but are easy to clean with some 150 to 400 grit sand paper. I have cleaned them some, but they show a little use. The shipping would be from $10 to $20 from NC, depending on the location.

I only have a few good large 3 prong clamps left, including some nice ones, for $12 each, no medium or small ones left right now. Lots of broken ones and corroded bossheads left.

I also am putting together some kits of 5 smaller grad cylinders, with 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 ml sizes, for $15 plus postage, which should be under $10. I have a few larger ones left, but not many.

I also found three more 4 L erlenmeyer flasks, for $20 each, plus shipping, these are likely the last ones I have.

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Gammatron - 9-9-2022 at 18:27

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Dr. Bob! Super nice guy with quality equipment at good prices! He also helped me get some long wanted chemicals and took some excess glassware off my hands. Definitely happy to do business with him.

Morgan - 10-9-2022 at 06:17

That was a good story about your friend Dr. Bob. Sorry for your loss.

Dr.Bob - 10-9-2022 at 10:28

I also recently put together a 29/42 distillation kit for someone, and while doing that was able to put together a second one while I was doing it.

I attached photos of the basic type kit, it would have a 100, 250, 500, and 1000 ml rb flask (either 1 or 3 necks on each), plus your choice of either a combination distillation head/claisen, or a separate distillation head (from the 2 shown, and a claisen adapter (simple or complex), gas inlet or 2, stopper, a few 29/42 septa, a Dean Stark Trap, and a choice of reflux or jacketed type condenser. I try to add any other items I can think of as well. That would be $100, plus you can add an addition funnel for $25, as well as other items you might want. I have lots of other addapters and pieces in 29/42 as well. I also have a simple distillation head in a3 29/42 joints, but it has a small crack in one joint. I can throw that in free if you want it.

29-42 kit 20220831_205718_003 smaller still.jpg - 1.6MB 20220831_205523 claisen dist head.jpg - 1.4MB
20220831_205537 dist head.jpg - 1.4MB 20220831_205558 claisens.jpg - 1.4MB

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arkoma - 26-9-2022 at 10:41

Got my 4 litre PYREX Erlenmeyer today. Can fire up my EToH production1 again! Thanks Dr. Bob.

1Strictly for tax exempt purposes!

Dr.Bob - 27-9-2022 at 10:43

If I ever get down that way, I expect to sample of that science grade EtOH... Or at least go get a beer.

Glad it made it intact, had mixed luck with FedUPs lately, but always nice to hear a package made it in one piece.

arkoma - 27-9-2022 at 17:12

Quote: Originally posted by Dr.Bob  
If I ever get down that way, I expect to sample of that science grade EtOH... Or at least go get a beer.

Bet on it!

Dr.Bob - 1-10-2022 at 08:18

I have been looking for some things, and found an entire box of addition funnels that just needed stopcocks that I sat aside a while back. I have managed to play the dating game with them and a box of stopcocks, and now have a bunch more working addition funnels in many sizes. from 125 to 500 ml. Some are PTFE stopcosks (first box), some are glass or PTFE coated glass stopcoks (second box), and then I have 2 more 500 ml ones, one is a needle valve type stopcock, the other is a PTFE one. I would ask the normal prices in the spreadsheet, with $10 off for the all glass ones. If you want more photos on any one, email me, please.

20221001_101622 add funnels 10-1-22.jpg - 1.5MB 20221001_102439 add funnels 10-1-22 2a.jpg - 1022kB 20221001_102439 add funnels 10-1-22 2b.jpg - 1MB
20221001_105311 500 ml add funnel smaller.jpg - 497kB 20221001_105439 other 500 ml add funnel smaller.jpg - 454kB

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Dr.Bob - 1-10-2022 at 08:28

I also was looking for thermometer adapters and someone asked for a photo, so here is one of just some of the ones I have, not including a whole pile of 29/42 ones in a box of that stuff. i would ask $15 for the PTFE ones and $20 for the glass ones, as I am running out of the top black threaded part for them. I have some for 3 mm thermocouples, and more for 5 mm thermometers. i also have many more odd ones, some have two ports, some are larger bore inlets (10 mm and larger are common), and lots more odd things.

20221001_104756 therm adapters smaller.jpg - 1.6MB

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Dr.Bob - 13-10-2022 at 15:44

I also have a simple stirplate for $60, a Corning PC-310, iin very good condition and a fairly used PC-351, stiring hotplate for $80, which looks old and used, but works. These are among my last ones to find and/or get working. Shipping extra. I have a few more left, but not much, and still trying to find and test/fix them.

Dr.Bob - 10-12-2022 at 11:55

I have been lookinf for various things for people and found some boxes of glassware that Ihave not yet listed well or photographed, so I will be posting photos of many items per picture, if you are interested in any, please let me know which batch photo, and what items and either make me an offer or ask me for a price. Most simple items will be $5-10, more complex $10-20, including many adpaters and simple condensers, and more complex things will be higher, but feel lree to make an offer if you want. This is almost all 24/40 joints.

This is batch A and B of the pile, mostly adapters of all types:

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20221210_120623 24-40 batch A.jpg - 1.2MB20221210_121525 24-40 batch B.jpg - 1.2MB

Dr.Bob - 10-12-2022 at 12:10

Here is a 24/40 kit that I made for someone a while back, and they never bought it, so it is up for grabs. BTW if you were the person who asked, please let me know, sometimes emails get lost, stuff in span or I just forget. So if you asked for it, please let me know. I would ask $100 plus postage as is, I can try to swap or add things to customize it, as well as add more items for more money. You can pick any one of the three dist heads on the right side of the photo, I have a choice of all 24/40 or one 10/30 therm joint.

Then I have 2 views of most of the remaining 24/40 flasks that I have left, batch C. They would be prices as per my spreadsheet prices or again, make an offer.

20221210_123222 24-40 kit batch D.jpg - 1.2MB20221210_122603 24-40 flasks C.jpg - 1.2MB20221210_122622 24-40 flasks Batch C1.jpg - 1.2MB

Dr.Bob - 10-12-2022 at 12:19

Next are three batches of condensers, reflux columns, and related 24/40 items and adapters. Most condensers are $20-25, everything else is make an offer or ask for a price. BTW, all items subject to prior sale, so they may sell at any time, first come, first serve in most cases.

20221210_125624 24-40 condensers batch H.jpg - 1.5MB20221210_125936 24-40 condensers batch I.jpg - 1.3MB20221210_130505 24-40 condensers odd stuff batch J.jpg - 1.5MB

Dr.Bob - 10-12-2022 at 12:22

Next is a box of various still heads, dist heads, adapters, fittings, inlets, outlets, and many things I am not sure what they are:

20221210_123606 dist heads stills Batch E.jpg - 1.5MB20221210_124349 24-40 stuff Batch F.jpg - 912kB20221210_124811 24-40 stuff batch G.jpg - 1.3MB

Dr.Bob - 11-12-2022 at 12:30

A few photos I missed yesterday, 2 short paths some pig type fraction collectors and other stuff. Also one of 4 solid addition funnels, 3 are similar ones for 125 ml, and then a huge one for 500 ml in the same design. I can post photos of the others if needed. The 125 ml shown is the worst of them, the graduations are worn mostly off, but there.

20221210_131615 24-40 extra stuff with SAFs batch K.jpg - 1.2MB 20221210_131217 simple solid additoin 125 ml smaller.jpg - 1.5MB

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Dr.Bob - 30-12-2022 at 05:17

Here is another pile of books that I would like to give away, prefereably a medium sized box at a time to keep the shipping easy. If you would like a pile of books, I would just ask that you pay the postage, which would be media mail, and likely $10-15 for a medium sized box of books (they are heavy ones). For math geeks, I have a copy of Wolfram's "A New Math" which is perfect for computer/math geeks (like myself), for new organic chemists, a copy of Vogel's books, and then a whole bunch more. Local people are welcome to arrange pickup for free. Happy New Year.

20221226_203509 smaller.jpg - 2.4MB20221226_203519 smaller.jpg - 1.9MB20221226_203921 smaller.jpg - 2.2MB

Dr.Bob - 19-1-2023 at 18:17

I have an updated spreadsheet of the basic glassware inventory. There is still some basic glasware, like beakers, erlenmeyers, volumetrics, grad cylinders, and more. Then lots of 14/20 glassware, then some 24/40 items, and still much 29/42 glassware as well.

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Attachment: Glassware Inventory Jan 2023.xls (79kB)
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VeritasC&E - 31-1-2023 at 05:28

I am selling in Europe a >150,000ml Glass Reactor in used but fairly good condition from a German manufacturer. I'm only doing simple chemistry at a rather small scale so I'm not using it. I think I'd let it go for 1400€ since I'm not putting
it in use myself but I have no idea what it's worth so please inform me if you know better than I do.

Comes with its Metal Stand (the equivalent of a cork stand but in Metal and very solid). It has a lower ball joint which is very handy whether for cleaning / draining / or mechanical stirring from underneath (like overhead stirring but from the bottom). It also comes with a big glass lid with a single central ball joint, with two metal rings and numerous stainless screws used to tightly connect / seal this or any other lid on top and with a large joint (PTFE I think) for the upper mouth. The upper mouth is fairly large which is practical (you could get a thin person in and out from it). I think it's possible to get additional custom manufactured lids, whether in stainless steel or glass, for different / more conformations.

The reactor is very solid with the glass being 0.5-10mm thick. It certainly also can make for an amazing aquarium.

If someone is seriously interested I may at some point take the time to make a photo of it.

I may be able to deliver it myself depending on where the buyer lives and what I'm up to. I'd be happy to know it's being used somewhere.

Dr.Bob - 8-2-2023 at 16:42

Here are some more photos I have taken for people lately of a few more things I have left.

I have 4 plastic coated 1L media bottles left, a Scott/Duran one, a Pyrex one, and two with very thick plastic coatings from Weaton. Ideal for acids or solvents that you don't want to spill if you break the bottle. They all come with PTFE lined white plastic caps. They are $4 each, plus shipping, which is about 1 1/2 pounds each, so 2 or 3 might be a good deal for a flat rate shipping box.

I also put together some assortments of magnetic stir bars for a few people, and made up some extras, $10 for 10 mixed stirbars. They each have 10, mostly small, stirbars, but most have at least one or two odd ones, and lots of fleas, a small oval, and some 1-3" straight ones. Just tell me which one you want if you prefer a specific one. First come, first gets.

20230208_122641 small.jpg - 655kB 20230208_121309 small.jpg - 786kB

Raid - 13-2-2023 at 12:20

Is anything free? I'm broke
Also, where do you get all of this stuff?

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Dr.Bob - 14-2-2023 at 06:47

The bulk of the glassware came from a closed chemical business of a friend's, read the first few posts in this thread to see more. Some of the other stuff has come from a few other smaller businesses that closed, a few had even bought stuff from me and then asked me to help them sell what they had when they closed. I have also traded some glassware with others, trying to swap things I had a lot of for other stuff. And some came from the lab I set up when I was young, buying labware from surplus stores and small companies, which are fewer now due to internet competition.

My friend got older and eventually passed away, but I am just trying to find a home for this stuff, partly to clear out my garage and basement, and partly to try to help people who like science. I hate to see this stuff wasted, which I have seen a few times when companies closed and just dumped their equipment into dumpsters. I have seen it a few times, it seems sad when their are schools out there looking for supplies. I have tried to donate to my local schools, some are interested, but many are now so limited in what they can do, it is also sad. But I am trying.

Raid - 14-2-2023 at 08:08

Are you willing to give some to me?
or do I have to pay.

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Dr.Bob - 15-2-2023 at 07:47

Quote: Originally posted by Raid  
Are you willing to give some to me? or do I have to pay.

I have some damaged glassware (chipped vacuum inlets on vacuum flasks, other chipped or damaged glassware that I have often given away. It helps to know 1) where you are (as shipping costs vary), 2) what stuff you might be able to use (as I have a huge variety of stuff, not all useful to everyone), and what you are using it for (are you in college, graduate school, teacher?)

I have also given stuff to a people for Secret Santa, a few teachers/professors, and to other people who helped the science community. Give me a good reason, a list of what you might use, and I will consider it. Or come to NC and pick some up at the RTP get together.

Dr.Bob - 15-2-2023 at 11:41

Science Madness meetup in RTP NC - Feb 26th - copied here as well as whimsy since not everybody sees it.

There are now at least 5 science madness people in the RTP area that I know of, so I am proposing that we meet up on Sunday, Feb 26th, at a music event including one of the members, Joey, who plays in an open jam session there, which will perform at Bond Brothers Eastside, 602 East Chatham Street, Cary, NC, 2751. The music starts at 4pm, so we could meet sometime after 3pm, chat a while, listen to music, and then chat some more afterwards. If you want to join us, or know any other science geeks, please bring them, and anyone else if you want.

Raid - 15-2-2023 at 11:47

Hey, I'm sorry if what I said earlier came out as disrespectful, I was running out of time and to type something fast.
I know your a very nice person and I should have been more caring of your time.
You do a lot for people, and I am very grateful for that.
I'm very sorry.

[Edited on 15-2-2023 by Raid]

Dr.Bob - 16-2-2023 at 07:40

None offense taken, I am happy to help people, but I need to know what they need help with.

[Edited on 16-2-2023 by Dr.Bob]

Raid - 16-2-2023 at 15:32

I was just wondering if you have anything that's cheap because my funds are low. I don't care if its chipped or anything.
I was mainly looking for storage bottle for keeping solid reagents.
I live in Minnesota if your wonder what the shipping would cost.

Raid - 25-2-2023 at 09:17

Found anything?
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