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Science equipment looking for a home

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Bert - 25-2-2023 at 16:29

Quote: Originally posted by Raid  
Found anything?

It's a bit tough for even the kindest hearted of strangers to offer you appropriate (free!) equipment if you don't describe what kind of equipment you think you need and the types of chemistry/experiments you are thinking you need that equipment for?

Dr.Bob - 25-2-2023 at 17:37

He had told me some info privately. I am working on a good deal for him, but have limited solid reagent bottles left. Still have a few narrow mouth bottles left in a few sizes.

If anyone else is interested in scratch and dent glasseware, I do have lots of damaged filter flasks with broken vacuum inlets (or erlenmeyers with a hold in the top), and some other odd pieces. I have some really old grad cylinders, some without graduations (either never had them or really work off, could be fixed with a sharpie I think), and a few other odds and ends.

Dr.Bob - 28-2-2023 at 15:15

Here is a photo for someone who asked about Snyder columns.

20230228_180009 snyder cropped.jpg - 875kB

Dr.Bob - 16-5-2023 at 17:38

I have recently found a few older editions of the Merck Index, the bible of pharmacologists and medicinal chemists. Along with the previous books I posted before, I still have a fair number of science books available, so if anyone if looking for actual science books (yes, bound paper), please let me know, as I am trying to clean up more space of older books, and pass them on to younger scientists. All i would ask is postage at media rate, or that you come get some if you come through NC, or I can try to get them to you.

foxofax474 - 28-5-2023 at 11:03

Hey @Dr.Bob, seeing as this thread was started so long ago lol, do you have any undamaged beakers, (1 or 3 neck) round bottom flasks left, or perhaps even distillation setups like the one you mentioned earlier in the thread still available?

Would love to buy some (am in northeast US) if you still do :)

Dr.Bob - 28-5-2023 at 16:52

I have a few beakers left, very few 24/40 rbfs, a good number of various 14/20 rbfs, plus one 14/20 kit left, and many pieces of 24/40 kit (I could make a kit except I have few rbfs to go with it.). The best thing is to send me a u2u or email me at and you can give me more details on what sizes and such you are looking for. I have a shrinking list of things left, but I'm happy to do what I can.

I also have a mix of 19/22 kit, which is not really a whole kit as much as just a large mix of 19/22 stuff, might be ideal for someone who already have some 19/22 kit already and wants more. I also still have some 29/42 kit left, but it is mostly 3 necked rbfs and most of what you would need for a distillation setup.

Raid - 17-6-2023 at 11:26

Hello, I'm selling an empty co2 tank. It's good for up to 450ml of co2 and can be used for other gasses like nitrogen or argon.
Here are some images
I'm not very sure on what a good price would be so I'm going to start off at $75. DM to purchase.
Thanks :)

unnamed (2).jpg - 1.2MBunnamed (1).jpg - 1.2MBunnamed.jpg - 1.3MB

Raid - 18-6-2023 at 11:57

Also, is anyone selling 24/40 addition funnels and/or lab stands?

Dr.Bob - 19-6-2023 at 13:06

I have addition funnels in some sizes and joints, I might have a lab stand left or something similar, have lots of 1/2" rod and connectors.

Raid - 19-6-2023 at 13:20

The rods would work, but I would also need something to use as a stand. I have tried using wood in the past but it does not work very well, mostly because of how light the wood is and that it rots if you spill something on it.
Do you have any 24/40 addition funnels? If so I would like to know which sizes you have and I would be willing to buy one or two.
Thanks ;)

Dr.Bob - 19-6-2023 at 16:19

If you go back oine page, there are a bunch of photos of what I had a few months ago, and I have almost all of them still, I think I sold a couple 250 and 500 ml ones. The pricing is in the spreadsheet also fouind on that page (28) and are:

110 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good - non-graduated 125 ml 1 $50.00
111 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 250 ml 1 $60.00
112 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 500 ml 2 $65.00
113 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 1000 ml 1 $75.00

If you scroll back through a few pages of this thread, you will see a good chunk of what I have left in 24/40 items, and many other bits and pieces.

Raid - 20-6-2023 at 08:09

Okay, Thanks I'll take a look at them.

Raid - 28-6-2023 at 11:16

I'm selling a Coors Buchner Funnel and a 500ml Filtering flask if anyone wants it.
The Buchner funnel is made of porcelain and is 250ml.
The Filtering Flask is Pyrex and heavy walled.

Buchner Funnel:

Filtering Flask:

Also, feel free to make a reasonable offer for the product you want. I would be happy to knock the price down a bit.

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Rainwater - 7-8-2023 at 14:23

Thank you Dr. Bob, despite the USPS's failed attempt to throw the package onto my front porch, your diligent packaging fouled there evil plot.

This is exactly what ive been looking for, its gonna work great in my setup

dettoo456 - 24-8-2023 at 11:17

This obviously isn’t my equipment and I don’t live anywhere near AU, but there is going to be a massive auction of lab equipment and supplies on Sep 12 in Queensland. The prices would probably be pretty fair too, if anyone is interested.

Dr.Bob - 25-8-2023 at 06:26

That's a lot of stuff, maybe J-sum and some of the other other Aussie's can do a group buy of hotplates or other useful things. Clearly a huge place or several business' worth of stuff there.
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