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Free pirani gauges....third time lucky

itsallgoodjames - 15-12-2020 at 06:24

Umm, I think this post is broken. It shows -1 as the reply counter and nothing shows up

itsallgoodjames - 15-12-2020 at 06:30

Apperrently I'm unable to edit my first post. This is odd. Apperrently I'm also now the first post is the thread.

unionised - 15-12-2020 at 14:36

That's interesting.
I wonder what happens if I post a reply.

RedDwarf - 15-12-2020 at 14:53

Are you offering free pirani gauges or looking for them? :)

Panache - 23-1-2021 at 10:15

yeah fuck this, its really annoying and happens relatively often. I post something with an image and the system bugs out, sometimes posting it sometimes not. With this one i have several pirani not gauges, but detectors, ie the bit that sits in the vaccum. They come with voltage vs vacuum plots, so you would either hook it up to read a milivoltage and convert or go wtfpwn tandy sick and build your own meter thing. I have about 10 of them, the photo showed the different brands and vacuum connections. they are all brand new and were acquired via a bin dive at thermo fischer
(well many bin dives over time).
if youre in aus no cost, if os then a $10 donation to a homeless shelter or the like (or buy a big issue). ill attempt to post the photo again, what a hassel, bah ill do it later on this afternoon (its like 6am here).

20201211_203927.jpg - 2.4MB

Panache - 23-1-2021 at 10:17

and can you fucking believe posts the image from a month ago with thast last post..that i had attached an image wrapped though saves me getting them all out of the cupboard and taking the photo again. Just u2u me an address and a