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Docking and protein binding prediction

brubei - 31-1-2021 at 03:24

Hello i used to model protein interaction with small molecules assisted by computer but all the stuff (soft and models) was already set for use. And this was many years ago. Now i want to try i again with my own models or molecules library.

Does anybody have the skill to participate in this project ?

I see potential cheminfo graduated students in fiverr... maybe i'll pay one for teaching me... if anybody want to join also to get better courses !

Metacelsus - 31-1-2021 at 16:51

Hmm, I have a little bit of experience in Schrodinger and MOE but sadly licenses for that software are prohibitively expensive for individuals (I had access through my university).

Can you be more specific about your goal?

brubei - 1-2-2021 at 02:41

Just playing with models (of me Phd work, now i work in electrochem).I tough that some software are open source.

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