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Elemental Scientific Lab Supplies Auctions

tomholm - 19-3-2021 at 16:05

Hi All,

Just want to update you on the status of Elemental Scientific.

BME Lab and Science and Elemental Scientific are closing their retail store and online website that sold lab supplies and lab equipment. This change will allow us to focus our resources on providing repair and calibration services to our many wonderful and loyal customers, as well as, build our new business, Green Science Solutions, that distributes new, sustainable cleaning and disinfecting technologies and services. (If you haven’t been to our web site,, please check us out. There’s a lot of great products coming on the market as a result of the pandemic.) We are all about how to effectively clean and disinfect without using strong, harmful chemicals. – And, yes, we do know a thing or two about harmful chemicals :)

As a result, we are clearing our warehouse and auctioning a large amount of lab supplies, including glassware, clamps, used equipment and more! Most of the lab glassware and hardware items are new, never used. We will also have an assortment of used, unique glassware. Much of the lab equipment is used, but fully tested and functioning.

Bids can be placed through the online auction platform K-Bid Auctions . There will be auctions beginning today and extending for the next month or so.

This will be your last and only opportunity to purchase these items, so please check out our auctions!

Thank you,

Tom Holm
BME Lab and Science | Elemental Scientific | Green Science Solutions
P: (651) 646-5339

j_sum1 - 19-3-2021 at 17:51

Can you post links as they are entered.
I looked under the heading "Lab and Science Equipment" and found nothing live.