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KClO4 separation from KClO3 ?

metalresearcher - 4-4-2021 at 03:48

I have electrolyzed some KClO3 solution using a platinized Ti anode (yes now a real one from GalliumGuy on ebay) and after running 12 hours at 5 Amps I boiled off much of the water, cooled it in the fridge and then cleared it with ice-cold water sucked into a B├╝chner funnel repeatedly. The leftover in the funnel appears to be sodium free. I did a flame test and saw purple flames. I see a little difference: the crystals appear to be larger.

I don't have methylene blue (with which one can test the precence of ClO4-), so is there another way to separate it ?

papaya - 4-4-2021 at 12:04

Decompose in boiling HCL, then recrystallize perchlorate.

Dr.Bob - 5-4-2021 at 16:25

You'll find more expertise on this in the energetics part of the forum. They do this stuff a lot.

Antiswat - 9-4-2021 at 03:33

dilute HCl may work, ive heard that HClO3 is unstable and breaks down practically right away in temperatures above 0*C but chlorine oxides may be a new hazard
honestly, just go bulk and douse it with icecold water