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So jealous

nitro-genes - 6-4-2021 at 16:53

Legal and societal issues seems an appropriate place to post this :)

After some reading on Australian laws on pursuing energetics as a hobby well....pffeeeww...having any kind of explosive material in your possession is a serious offence over there. Nevertheless, I've noticed some Australian youtube channels that describe the synthesis of energetic materials with full face reveal and alll.

Damn, soooo jealous, argghhhh! How on earth did they manage to do this without getting prosecuted? Is is because they cooperate with other institutions, providing names of other chemist enthusiasts visiting their channel?

Serious, these guys are such inspirations for other kids in making energetics, kuddos! Also notices some syntheses using hydrazine...Excellent work! Stay safe kids!

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itsallgoodjames - 6-4-2021 at 17:07


other kids in making energetics

Kids shouldn't be making energetics, and definately not following directions from a YouTube video. Also hydrazine isn't as bad as you probably think it is, at least not in solution

arkoma - 6-4-2021 at 18:36

OP, Sour Grapes or Snitching?

Fyndium - 6-4-2021 at 21:27

In many countries one can apply for license in such things. For example in my country there is a specific class of laboratory explosives handling license which specifically mandates the synthesis, preparation, handling, researching and testing all kinds of energetic compounds, with possible specified maximum amounts.

And yes, kids - and no one else either - should not be making any kind of energetic materials, unless they really do know what they are doing, and a few hours of youtube watching does not count as an experience. Even the more wittier ones sometimes have somewhat liberal working practices, and the lesser ones outright suicidal.

j_sum1 - 6-4-2021 at 23:16

Tdep is probably our most famous aussie energetics enthusiast.
He recently had an interview with Hamilton Morris which is posted on YT. This topic is discussed at some length. The whold inyerview is we worth watching.

Chemetix - 7-4-2021 at 00:50

Australia has some pretty circumspect laws when it comes to energetics, making a few bangs in a paddock isn't going to get you in trouble. Having Jihadi literature in your possession and ordering suspect materials is going to be a different kettle of fish. That doesn't stop an investigation happening like what happened to this guy who had a few kg of KNO3 and others while letting off a few bangs in suburbia:

I'm not sure what became of him, but there were guys in black dropping from helicopters at the time.

arkoma - 7-4-2021 at 06:32

Quote: Originally posted by arkoma  
Loved the Hamilton interview Tdep!

Hamilton interviews Explosions & Fire

Texium - 7-4-2021 at 07:25

Sour grapes indeed! Kids shouldn’t be making TATP (no one should be) or multi-gram batches of ETN, but if you think there’s something wrong with a teenager making small batches of black powder, flash powder, and maybe some picric acid, nitrocellulose, or a sub-gram amount of ETN, then you’re just as bad as the chemophobes out there. So many have gotten their feet wet in chemistry through an interest in energetics. Fostering a culture of safety is good. A culture of fear is not.

nitro-genes - 7-4-2021 at 09:46

He Arkoma

Snitching? You think TDEP is a snitch for the police or something?! Well.... never thought about it actually. Look, I agree its is strange that despite immensely strict Australian laws someone could publicly continue to make energetics, and I'm also not sure what TDEP is talking all about in the video attached. But a Snitch...come on... Can't imagine how that would work...and logically, they would possibly do much more damage to innocent people then would ever be justifiable in the name of national security. Such a constructions would be absolute insanity. Hahaha, maybe cut down a bit on the moonshine huh! ;)

What's with all the sour grapes and stuff? Extraction of sour grapes as OTC source of some chemical? Maybe better for another topic, since this is the legal and societal thread. Actually, I brought this topic up, because I'm also looking to promote amateur chemistry more. Been thinking to talk to the Washington post for example about all the wonderful things that are happening here on SMDB.

zed - 9-4-2021 at 03:49

Well, I'm not in OZ. I'm in the USA. And, here in the USA, there isn't much restriction on potential explosive precursors. Say what you will about Americans, for the most part, they are reluctant to blow each other up.

Triflic Acid - 8-5-2021 at 18:33

Nah, Americans prefer to shoot each other full of holes:P

Tdep - 9-5-2021 at 18:33

Quote: Originally posted by nitro-genes  

Snitching? You think TDEP is a snitch for the police or something?! Well.... never thought about it actually.

Heh this is funny, but a lot of things I get away with I think is because the local regulations are downright awfully written. The current state legislation is based of 'Explosives act 1936'. Yes.... 1936 ...that's even before RDX was invented. It's like writing drug legislation in the 1950s and then just keeping it the same until now.

BUT: They're actually updating the legislation! AND: They're even asking for public input!!
If you live in South Australia, you have 4 days to write in about what you want to see in the new explosives legislation. Will they listen?? Probably not. Will they take amateur chem into account? Highly unlikely. But hey, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. So snitch away I reckon.

The question of: 'did they decide to update the legislation because of Tdep' is a good one.... I'm sure I'll never know, but in my professional dealings in 2019/2020 I had a lot to do with getting a local institution a real explosives license using the current system and it did not go very well or very easily.... and I did complain a lot about how it was terrible to have to try and confirm to pre-WWII legislation. So I'm quite inclined to give myself and my complaining ways a slice of credit.
For good or for bad?? We shall see... I hope good

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Tdep - 9-5-2021 at 19:22

Fuck me I wish I could read law language better though. I have no idea what I'm reading most of the time. Hard to provide feedback when it all seems like nonsense