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Thermometers,Clamps and stuff

Organikum - 13-5-2021 at 18:04

I stumbled over a treasure cave with laboratory material and the owner wants to get rid of it. I could by now hold him back from selling everything to a used parts dealer in one heap, thought the amateur community should have a pick first so any possible.

Thermometers are all mercury and I think up to high degrees, it doesn´t look lie but there are maybe a hundred to two hundred in the box and some more special ones - high precision ins sets of five in velvet lined boxes.

I will grab everything on the pictures if there is enough interest to cover a good part of the costs so it is not ruining me instantly.

Drop me a PM and say what you want and how much you would pay for it, I have not negotiated prices yet.

Stuff is in Germany, I dont mind sending mercury thermometers around the world as long the buyer takes the risk if custom seizes it or similar. I suppose I would get some steel tubes to eliminate the risks in transport, at least in Germany at the moment writing "fragile " on anything is a guarantee to have it broken.


Thermometer.jpg - 2.5MB

clamps.jpg - 3MB

schellen2.jpg - 2.4MB

Organikum - 13-5-2021 at 18:10

Just some more pictures....

There are also hundreds of sputter masks similar to the third picture, every one with a different pattern. Might be alien writing though. Mulder? Scully? Scully? Mulder?

clamps2.jpg - 2.8MB schellen.jpg - 2.7MB pattern1.jpg - 1.5MB

Organikum - 13-5-2021 at 18:15

High Vacuum and more....

vac1.jpg - 2.8MB vac2.jpg - 2.4MB clamps3.jpg - 2.3MB

Organikum - 13-5-2021 at 18:27

There is also a shitload of stuff for optical banks, anybody interested? Any help pointing me to a forum where they might bew interested would be appreciated.
Everything is of the finest of the finest german and swiss quality.

optical3.jpg - 2.4MB optical5.jpg - 2.1MB optical4.jpg - 2.3MB

Organikum - 13-5-2021 at 18:31

Last not least some mechanical parts like motors and linear drives everything precision and in working order.

linear1.jpg - 2.1MB motors1.jpg - 2.5MB steuerung_linear.jpg - 1.8MB

mr_bovinejony - 13-5-2021 at 21:15

Is this real life? It's nice to see this account posting again

zeroone - 13-5-2021 at 21:30

The Man the Myth the Legend

j_sum1 - 13-5-2021 at 22:28

Count me in for a handful of stuff. I am always running short on boss heads and clamps. (That's what happens when you buy the cheap stuff.)

I will come back later for a closer look. And if the price plus shipping from Germany works out then count me in.
I don't mind organising a larger box for aussie residents and doing some redistribution at this end if it works out economic to do so. Locals, send me a message.

enlight - 14-5-2021 at 02:38

Boss head adapters, clamps and high temperature thermometers are exactly what I need! I would love to grab a few.

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