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Reporting Wiki Errors

j_sum1 - 23-6-2021 at 14:24

Not everyone has (or wants) Wiki editing privileges. (If you do, send a U2U to Texium and he will organise it for you.)

Occasionally readers may spot things that need correction.
This thread is to report those errors / ambiguities / whatever so that the next available user with edit privileges can make necessary changes.

Post details here as needed.

Error on sodium methoxide page under Availability section

theozide - 1-8-2021 at 08:47

I've noticed there's a small error on the Wiki page for sodium methoxide.
Under the Availability section, it writes "Sodium hydroxide" instead of "Sodium methoxide", and I'm fairly certain sodium hydroxide is just a teeny bit easier to get hold of ;)

Could someone correct it? Thanks!