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reagents for sale, a lot of indicators

Fery - 30-6-2021 at 02:16

Friend of mine from which I've bought a lot of times asked me to post the list of >200 reagents which he would like to sell, circa 100 of them are indicators. They are from decommissioned labs, so >30 years old. Maybe some of them will be useful for you. He doesn't like to register here, so he asked me to post this message.
In case of interest, please PM to me, I'll give you a contact to him.

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MidLifeChemist - 30-7-2021 at 05:49

I just completed an excellent transaction with this supplier. I messaged OP (Fery), and he gave me the email of the supplier. He was a very nice person living in the Czech republic, who gave me a large list of chemicals and indicators that he had.

I selected about 16 indicators, and a few other chemicals like Mercuric iodide, molybdenum trioxide, cerium sulfate, cobalt sulfate, lithium chloride, potassium iodate and others. We negotiated a good price, and he shipped everything to me in California. Communication with the supplier was excellent. It took 14 days to arrive, I was able to easily track the shipment only. I had no customs issues. Everything was packaged extremely well (almost too well haha).

The compounds were old (which I new ahead of time), but were in high-quality glass jars or vials with original labels from chemical manufacturers. Many of them were sealed and never opened. Each indicator was 10-25 grams of powder, which means I am basically set for life in terms of making my own indicator solutions for various demonstrations and experiments. There is no doubt in my mind that all of these are accurate and high-quality. The fluorescein indicator leaked out a tiny amount because the cap was slightly deteriorating, but that was the only issue and was minor.

Honestly the most exciting part, was opening the package and looking at these old jars and vials with these elegant eastern european labels on them. It is hard to explain, but I didn't just feel like I was getting compounds, I felt like I was experiencing part of history. I imagined Czech scientists long ago doing experiments, making new compounds. There is a long history of chemistry in eastern europe, with many of those countries winning the international chemistry Olympiad many different years when it first started.

Tsjerk - 30-7-2021 at 13:44

If I only had the time to figure out what I could do with all those indicators...

Fery - 6-8-2021 at 11:01

My friend offers also Y2O3 99,6% at good price, it is not included in the posted list.

Schleimsäure - 17-8-2021 at 03:03

I also got a parcel from this supplier.
Very satrisfing, good and safe packkaging, nice communcation. Fair prices too.

Can recommend. The Eastern bloc "old stuff" reagents are mostly non degrading stuff and well sealed.

JJay - 17-8-2021 at 09:49

What currency is used for the price quotes?

Schleimsäure - 17-8-2021 at 12:05

Quote: Originally posted by JJay  
What currency is used for the price quotes?

There are no price quotes. You may negotiate a price in USD, EUR or CzK.
You can use currency calculator.

JJay - 17-8-2021 at 17:41

Oh, ok, so netto refers to the amount of the chemical. Hrm that is a lot of indicators....