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TCCA Chlorine Generator with other acids

Linus1208 - 14-7-2021 at 12:23

I want to do some experiments with chlorine gas, especially burning some hydrocarbons in it.
For generating it, I think making it from TCCA is the best option since I already have more than a kilo of it on hand. Problem is, I don't have hydrochloric acid, so I wanted to ask if it works with weaker acids, e.g. carbon acids like citric acid or acetic acid (vinegar with 25% acid content is quite common here in Germany).

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karlosĀ³ - 14-7-2021 at 12:34

For example sonderpreis Baumarkt has quite cheap 31-33%, Globus 25% but discolored and more costly, and probably most every other hardware store too.

Linus1208 - 14-7-2021 at 12:48

Hmm I haven't seen any the last time I was in the hardware store, but I guess I just have to look closer ;)

Linus1208 - 14-7-2021 at 12:50

Otherwise I guess I'm just gonna order it from amazon, or make it from salt and dilute H2SO4 (I definitely can get that in the next hardware store).

woelen - 14-7-2021 at 23:23

TCCA and weak acids do not make a nice chlorine generator. You surely get chlorine, but the reaction is slow. As karlosĀ³ said, you can buy 10% HCl at nearly every hardware store and you can add that acid without dilution to the TCCA to get a nice stead flow of Cl2. Keep in mind though that TCCA and HCl tend to foam quite a lot, which can be really annoying.