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POCl3 via P2O5 + NaCl in borosilicate glass?

Opylation - 16-7-2021 at 12:06

Has anybody prepared phosphoryl chloride via the following method? I found it within a small-scale reagent preparation book and it did site another author who used an autoclave however the author of this book states that if devoid of all moisture the reagents and reaction products do not harm borosilicate glass at the reaction temperatures

A00507CB-0293-428B-BFA6-4E23F53D256F.jpeg - 400kB

zed - 18-7-2021 at 22:17

Yeah. Way I remember it, he utilizes a large test-tube as his reaction vessel.

That test-tube surviving for very many runs, seems unlikely.

Sacrificial test-tube?