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Cheap Vacuum for Vacuum Distilation

CwisGons - 20-7-2021 at 14:06

I need help finding a cheap vacuum for vacuum filtration. I tried looking for vacuum hydro aspirators but the cheapest ones are like 40 dollars. I found this vacuum from Amazon for 20 dollars:

I just want to use this for vacuum distillation, but are there any other cheap (or possibly cheaper) options? I'm not distilling anything dangerous, just phenol.

Oxy - 20-7-2021 at 14:29

Get an aspirator. The pump you linked looks weak, it may be helpful for filtrations but not really for distillation if you really want to lower the boiling point of given compound. Proper aspirator can go to 16 mbar which is more than enough for most uses.

CwisGons - 20-7-2021 at 14:33

As mentioned, I found them too expensive. Is there a cheap aspirator?

TheMrbunGee - 20-7-2021 at 14:39

CwisGons - 20-7-2021 at 14:40

Oh, thanks.

CwisGons - 20-7-2021 at 14:42

How would I attach it to my sink?

Oxy - 20-7-2021 at 14:55

I removed an aerator from my tap and used a garden hose quick fit adapter to make a quick fit connection. I am able to simply insert the aspirator and removed that when done.

If you can screw it to the tap it will be very easy, may require a short trip to hardware store. If not, then you can install a hose on your tap and attach the aspirator to the hose.

CwisGons - 20-7-2021 at 14:57

Thanks, I really appreciate it!