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pyridine for sale uk?

Jhiggins94 - 7-8-2021 at 01:58

hi, does anyone have any excess Pyridine that they would be willing to sell? preferably in the uk to save on postage?

AngelEyes - 11-8-2021 at 08:56

Try this thread:

ytterbium is selling some

HydrogenSulphate - 11-8-2021 at 12:57

Pyridine is very easily synthesized. For example, by the thermal decarboxylation of niacin (nicotinic acid or nicotinamide). The decarboxylation is facilitated by a small amount copper chromite catalyst. The catalyst, too, is easy to make.

Personally, I find that pyridine smells so bad that I'd rather make it as and when a procedure requires it.

Jhiggins94 - 20-8-2021 at 00:52

hi, terribly sorry for the delay, thants brilliant thankyou very much :)