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Thermite Cutting Torch

specialactivitieSK - 21-8-2021 at 10:45

I tried to make a Thermite Cutting Torch from patent

From the patent :

Preferably is a powder composition which comprises by weight from about 15% to 20% aluminum, from about 78% to 85% CuO, from about 1% to 3% SiC, and from about 0.2% to 4% nitrocellulose. The composition of the powder in the thermite charge 14 more preferably may include parts by weight about 16% to 18% aluminum, about 80% to 83% CuO, about 1% to 2% SiC, and about 0.5% to 2% nitrocellulose.

used :
CuO : 80 %
Al : 16 %
NC : 4 % (from smokeless powder : NC 60%, DeGDN 35% )

Visco fuse with vesuvit dont ignited the composition. Than I used sparkle from the top. Better would by the other side.

The result was a explosion.

Video :

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Johnny Cappone - 21-8-2021 at 14:59

Thermite based on CuO and aluminum is known to be especially explosive. In fact, it is used as an alternative to explosive targets in shooting practice. A .22lr shot is enough to detonate it. I believe that adding nitrocellulose would only make the mixture even more sensitive.
By the way, you got a nice explosion in the video. I would say this is a pretty ineffective mixture to use in a cutting torch, unless the intent is to cut the space between your palm and fingers :D

XeonTheMGPony - 22-8-2021 at 04:55

Thermite when used for that purpose needs very high loading pressures. he must have had a air pocket some where.

NC acts to cool the burn, not sensitize

JohnDoe13 - 22-8-2021 at 08:00

Brightthermite - 24-8-2021 at 19:03

Ive read that Barium nitrate is used in some of the cutting compositions.

ShotBored - 25-8-2021 at 11:34

Quote: Originally posted by XeonTheMGPony  
Thermite when used for that purpose needs very high loading pressures. he must have had a air pocket some where.

Exactly what I was thinking. Consolidation pressures for thermite cutters are very high. To give you an idea, a rod cutting torch I make is pressed at 4 to 4.5 tons of pressure on a hydraulic press.

specialactivitieSK - 26-8-2021 at 01:22

This looks simple : Breach Pen

Fire Pen

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specialactivitieSK - 27-8-2021 at 23:30

TEC Torch. It looks they use pellets. Thats better for pressing.

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Junk_Enginerd - 28-8-2021 at 23:27

Quote: Originally posted by Brightthermite  
Ive read that Barium nitrate is used in some of the cutting compositions.

Make sense. Barium nitrate is what is used in sparklers IIRC, and they burn pretty much as I would want a cutting torch to burn.

Fulmen - 28-8-2021 at 23:38

Quote: Originally posted by specialactivitieSK  

Breach Pen

Wow. Almost as fast as a battery powered angle grinder...

Nitrosio - 29-8-2021 at 00:46

Thermic Lancing: Lancing

KClO4 + Mg = KCl + MgO + 1.5 O2
2 Fe + 1.5 O2 = Fe2O3

specialactivitieSK - 7-7-2022 at 23:48

Portable metal cutting pyrotechnic torch 1800°C

CuO : 46%
Cu2O : 31%
NaClO3 : 12%
Aluminium : 11%
Binder 1%
Component are smaller than 10 mikrometer

Binder : 0-6%
Polyethylene glycol or Polyurethane polymer and epoxy curing agent.

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Fantasma4500 - 24-7-2022 at 04:48

thermite cutting charges have been used but thats very controversial, iirc it was a barium composition, thermate?

instead of CuO+Al, maybe MgAl+Fe2O3
i believe the trick is to use the right particle size
depending on actual grainsize you wanna modify it maybe with an oil or something that prevents it from shooting through the air inbetween the granules

the first thing you mentioned.... i think they added nitrocellulose as a binder, not just dry powder
i remember a thread on here where a man mentioned he had a cup of some CuO Al mixture with NC, supposedly dinitrate, he had about 30 grammes of it and ignited it by fuse- it ended up detonating, i could never replicate this. engine oil should work, its made of non-corrosive oil which you wanna keep in check if youre using easily corroded metals
i can get you chunks of MgAl50 if you wanna play around with mesh size

Herr Haber - 7-8-2022 at 19:17

I can confirm that if used as a binder it'll slow burning.
Tried that in a tin can with NC dissolved in acetone "just to see what would happen".
I remember it being so slow it was really unimpressive.

Fantasma4500 - 23-8-2022 at 15:00

yes but try taking some NC and put in aluminium foil and slowly heat it from the outside, it will detonate eventually.

Mateo_swe - 29-8-2022 at 02:21

There is a tool called a thermic lance that is used to cut holes in very thick solid steel.
These are used when making holes in bank vault doors and similar very thick steel items.
They consist of a steel pipe about 15mm OD with strands of solid steel wire inside and in the absolute centre a single magnesium strand.
The back end of the pipe is connected to a oxygen flask (and regulator) and the front end is lit by a cutting torch.
The manesium and steel burns very hot when in a oxygen stream.
When the steel and magnesium starts to burn the lance is pushed through the bank vault door with molten steel pouring out the hole.
These thermic lances are able to make a holes in a half meter solid steel doors.
Maybe it isnt what you are looking for but is kind of related and quite intresting.