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Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Controller and Pump for sale UK

eyeemplus - 23-11-2021 at 10:27

Hi All, selling another of my Rotavaps. Full system in good working order. Dream to use. Understand it is beyond the price range of most hobbyists but just in case anybody is looking for one:

BUCHI R-210 Rotary Evaporator + B-491 Heating Bath + V-850 Vacuum Controller + V-700 Vacuum Pump + Glassware

Fery - 23-11-2021 at 13:13

Here a new for 2000 EUR. From Poland. I'm regular customer of this seller and I have to suggest it.

brubei - 23-11-2021 at 14:23

they are stealing our jobs !


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eyeemplus - 24-11-2021 at 06:24

Quote: Originally posted by Fery  
Here a new for 2000 EUR.

These are OK. They are neither of the same functionality or the same quality as the full B├╝chi system (the newer version of the system I've advertised costs around $20k new).

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