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TmNhRhMgBrSe - 21-12-2021 at 19:48

I made some potassium tartrate. It is easy to make because it very soluble. The flask remained few drops solution so I added some nickel chloride to make nickel tartrate. Nickel tartrate is green. Later I will make more nickel tartrate and other tartrates. This is few drops mixture photo. But why my potassium tartrate solution yellow? What impurity make it so yellow?

Nickel tartarate.jpg - 77kB

Texium - 22-12-2021 at 07:09

Lots of things are yellow. There’s no way to answer that without more information. What did you make your potassium tartrate from, and where did the chemicals come from?

TmNhRhMgBrSe - 13-1-2022 at 03:03

I used KOH and tartaric acid. I some years ago buyed them in a chemical supplies shop. potassium tartrate very soluble, many days also didn't crystalise, but sodium tartrate not so soluble, it very easy crystalise out. I tryed heat potassium tartrate solution but it still don't crystalise, added isopropyl alcohol also no use. I also made copper tartarate, it is blue, but it has 2 types, 1 type is lighter blue, other 1 type is bluer, I don't know need how to separate them. in the piture that 2 layers are I say that 2 types.

20220111_184108.jpg - 92kB

DraconicAcid - 13-1-2022 at 09:06

If you want to purify your tartrate, add another equivalent of tartaric acid to you potassium tartrate. Potassium hydrogen tartrate is fairly insoluble, and crystallizes nicely.

nickel tartrate, copper tartrate

TmNhRhMgBrSe - 11-2-2023 at 08:52

Left is nickel tartrate, middle and right is copper tartrate. I don't know why copper tartrate surface grow mould.

IMG_20230211_214608_329.jpg - 2.2MB

TmNhRhMgBrSe - 5-3-2023 at 01:53

mix metal salt solution (NiCl2, CuSO4) and potassium tartrate solution, metal tartrate precipitate out.