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specialactivitieSK - 21-12-2021 at 23:34

How Safe and Sensitive is Ammonium Perchlorate with Dark pyro Aluminium itself or with CUO as catalysator. THX.

XeonTheMGPony - 22-12-2021 at 04:54

Safe is a subjective non coporial term.

Ie it is a state of mind vs a substance.

I'll leave sensitivity to others.

MineMan - 22-12-2021 at 08:11

It all depends on ratio of aluminum. But it is one of my formulas.

I have found it to be very safe. Though you need to do sensitivity tests because I add very little CuO

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ManyInterests - 22-12-2021 at 19:47

How sensitive is ammonium perchlorate on its own though?

ShotBored - 1-2-2022 at 06:55

@ManyInterests pretty damn safe unless you're hitting sub-15 micron material with a shockwave.

Nitrosio - 2-2-2022 at 01:07

NH4ClO4 (41%) + KNO3 (35%) + C (5%) + 2 Al (19%) = KCl + 2 H2O + CO2 + N2 + Al2O3

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AngelEyes - 2-2-2022 at 09:31

I'd be careful with that. Ammonium salt plus a nitrate? Aluminium plus a nitrate? It may be a good powder but I would not want to store it for even a short time.

ShotBored - 2-2-2022 at 09:41

Agreed with AngelEyes. At least add 0.5% boric acid to the AP/KNO3/Al/C mix to stabilize, if it gets moisture, good likelihood of it becoming a dangerous mix. I'd just avoid adding KNO3 to it all together if possible. Might as well use KClO4.