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GC-MS for sale

drwei - 29-1-2022 at 03:32

Hi all. I am thinking of selling my old GC-MS instrument in the next few months and was wondering if it would be of interest to anyone one on here, before I went elsewhere. It’s an old HP 5890 series II GC with a 5972 MSD and a liquid autosampler. I’ve been using it continuously over the last few years and it's been well maintained. The PC is a bit old and the Chemstation software needs to run on Windows NT but it’s more than good enough for instrument control and data acquisition. If need be, I could probably get a newer copy of the data processing software to put on another computer.

If someone was interested in the UK, I’d be happy to give a hand setting it up or developing a method for their application. I can get spares and consumables for you as and when they are needed. I’ll throw a column or two in as well.

Let me know if it’s of interest and I'm keen to know what people think. Shipping abroad may be more difficult, but if you’re happy to pay and sort it out, I’d consider it.