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Grignard Reaction Reference Book

AvBaeyer - 6-2-2022 at 19:22

For anyone interested in the details about Grignard reagents I suggest the old but reliable book:

"Grignard Reactions of Non-Metallic Substances" by Kharasch and Reimuth. (Prentice-Hall, 1954)

Of particular utility is Chapter 2 which discusses in depth the formation of Grignard reagents, reaction activaotors and inhibitors, solvent requirements and follows up with several general procedures.

The remainder of the book (>1200 pages) is a comprehensive survey of Grignard reactions with different substrates.

Used copies become available from time to time on ABE books and other sites.


Colleen Ortiz - 2-3-2022 at 00:02

Thank you for sharing this
Here is a list of my picks for the suggested topics
Handbook of Grignard Reagents
By Gary S. Silverman, Philip E. Rakita
This guide includes the theoretical and practical information needed to investigate novel Grignard reagent uses on a daily basis, as well as a complete overview of current Grignard chemistry research. This book examines unique Grignard reagent reactions and applications, arranged by substrate type and overall reaction category. It also describes the range of reactions that Grignard reagents may produce.

Grignard Reagents and Transition Metal Catalysts: Formation of C-C Bonds by Cross-Coupling

The Grignard reaction is a basic organometallic reaction that is frequently employed in alcohol synthesis. Modern Grignard reagents may be tailored in reactivity, selectivity, and functional group tolerance using transition metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel, or noble metals like copper, silver, and palladium. This book provides an overview of current Grignard chemistry involving transition metals, prepared by worldwide specialists.