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Illegal Parkinson - 9-2-2022 at 12:55

I made a drug database available to view.

This is the Feb 2022 edition.

Illegal Parkinson - 9-2-2022 at 23:49

Are you able to access it?

The file search does not seem to work as well as on onecloud.

Megaupload is dead. I put the folder in a rar if anybody wants to view it.

sauveurdumonde - 10-2-2022 at 04:16

I personally can't use it. I can see the file structure- the amount of things you have is impressive- but I can't download any of the doc/docx files

karolus28 - 10-2-2022 at 04:56

Quote: Originally posted by sauveurdumonde  
but I can't download any of the doc/docx files

apparently the site wants people to install an addon AND a program to download, I don't want to do it - feels kinda sussy to me

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njl - 10-2-2022 at 08:05

It's an IBM product I doubt it's very sussy, but getting a browser extension and downloading some software just to look at a list of things isn't something I'm interested in.

Syn the Sizer - 10-2-2022 at 21:42

Quote: Originally posted by Illegal Parkinson  
I put the folder in a rar if anybody wants to view it.

Do you have a link to the rar file? Or am I an idiot and just missed it?

Illegal Parkinson - 11-2-2022 at 01:40

Here is an alternate place to store it:

Illegal Parkinson - 12-2-2022 at 01:17

This is a big database. Considering I obtained my masters in 2004, that's 18 years of post graduate work.

brubei - 12-2-2022 at 07:31

why don't use ?

Syn the Sizer - 12-2-2022 at 15:40

Quote: Originally posted by Illegal Parkinson  
Here is an alternate place to store it:

Awesome, thank you very much for sharing.


SuperOxide - 12-2-2022 at 22:51

Incase anyone is curious as to the content..


$ du -shx Drug\ Database
736M Drug Database
$ find Drug\ Database -name '*.docx' -or -iname '*.doc' -or -name *.pdf| wc -l
$ find Drug\ Database -name '*.docx' -or -iname '*.doc' -or -name *.pdf | awk -F. '{print $NF}' | sort | uniq -c
1270 doc
13486 docx
53 pdf

:o Thanks! lol.

Edit: Index attached (in case anyone wants to see what's in it before downloading the .rar).

Attachment: Drug-Database-index.txt (1.1MB)
This file has been downloaded 988 times

Edit 2: @Illegal Parkinson, where did you get all of this?

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Illegal Parkinson - 13-2-2022 at 03:35

This is my own personal collection of homebrew efforts i have made into drug discovery since graduating in 2004 with masters.

It is not empirical work but just a map of the work the others have done.

I kept it to myself mostly, but you will find plenty of information in here that you can't find on wiki or is difficult for a beginner to have learnt.

FanofYellow - 23-2-2022 at 08:29

Level of understanding = minimal (not forever I hope)
Level of enjoyment digging through = maximal

Thanks for your hard work putting this together and then sharing it!

Colleen Ortiz - 1-3-2022 at 00:50

This is such an elaborate database. Thank you for it. In case someone cant access it, here are a few to start with:
Drug Database/Acetophenonepinacol.doc
Drug Database/Alcoholism
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Abstem.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/GET-73.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Disulfiram.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/RTI-13951-33.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Acamprosate calcium.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Alcohol abuse patent.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/Nepicastat.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/Fusaric acid.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/Bupicomide.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/FLA-63.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/Dopastin.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/dopamine beta-hydroxylase/RGH 2928.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Fomepizole.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Inmecarb.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Metadoxine.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Fosenazide (Gidifen).docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Cetadiol.docx
Drug Database/Alcoholism/Nitrefazole.docx
Drug Database/Flame Retardants
Drug Database/Flame Retardants/TBB.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Ipratropium bromide.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Daratropium.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Trospium chloride.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Sultroponium.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Sevitropium.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Xenytropium.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Tematropium.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/Quats/Octatropine methylbromide.docx
Drug Database/Tropine derivatives/AHN 1-055.docx

Texium - 1-3-2022 at 13:41

Wow, thank you so much for that list of file names. How very helpful.

SaccharinSlayer157 - 10-3-2022 at 22:31

I'd like to legitimately thank you for that list Colleen Ortiz, it's a nice compilation of some interesting places to start!

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veryoldbutstilluninjured - 18-3-2022 at 15:00

this resource may also be of interest.
an updated Pharmazeutische Wirkstoffe in english

Pharmaceutical substances syntheses, patents and applications of the 2500 most relevant APIs

the pdf is too big to upload goto libgen

Pharmaceutical substances syntheses, patents and applications of the most relevant APIs
Axel Kleemann - (2009, Stuttgart New York, NY Thieme) -