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YouTube Channel Resurrection

Bmoore55 - 21-2-2022 at 20:15

I have not posted anything in a long while, but I just now got to a point to where my life is not crazy and I can focus on having fun with chemistry again. I intended to do much more with this channel moving forward so I hope you all enjoy.

P.S. I am also working on setting up parallels for this channel on other platforms like Bitchute and Rumble as well. Cheers

neptunium - 21-2-2022 at 21:34

very impressive lab! Most of us start small and slowly grow an audience before getting any serious equipment. You stand out as you seem to be going backward! If you can grab enough attention and get good interesting videos I am sure you`ll be very successful on YouTube ! Now the real work begins! good luck to you and congrats Sir!

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Herr Haber - 22-2-2022 at 02:15

Niiiice !
If you stick to your goal your channel will be pretty unique.
Reading the comments on some of your videos it seems I'm not the only one who is excited :)

Please keep SM informed.

sauveurdumonde - 22-2-2022 at 05:27

I love seeing more interesting chemistry YouTubers as the YouTube chem community seems to be dying down.

People like you are keeping it alive!

Bmoore55 - 22-2-2022 at 06:21

Thanks everyone. I am hoping I can bring a little bit of a twist to what other channels have done. I am not as good of a chemist as many of the folks on here and on youtube, but I still hope I can contribute in some way to the overall knowledge provided online. That is where I learned most of what I know anyhow.

I have also noticed that with the exception of a few channels like explosions & fire there have not been many chemistry youtubers doing a whole lot these days and that really grinds my gears. A lot of my passion for chemistry actually came from watching youtube videos rather than what I did while at university. I am hoping there will be kind of a revival of the chemistry video making community in the near future.

neptunium - 22-2-2022 at 15:56

I noticed that too...I think YouTube has continuously changed its algorithm and many smaller channel are not visible, even when searching for the exact title, they often do not show up in the the first 100+ results... The "older" youtubers have already covered a large chunk of what is possible for an amateur (and then some)

monolithic - 22-2-2022 at 16:42

Great to see another video. :)

Liamatpm - 5-4-2022 at 04:48

Good to see you're back!

j_sum1 - 5-4-2022 at 13:31

Aah yes. I remember the copper conundrum. That was pretty cool.

Already subbed. Looking forward to seeing moore.

Bmoore55 - 5-4-2022 at 17:50

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
Aah yes. I remember the copper conundrum. That was pretty cool.

Already subbed. Looking forward to seeing moore.

I see what you did there...