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Can I open lithium thionyl chloride batteries?

Crazy_Chemist - 9-3-2022 at 22:28

I have a number of lithium thionyl chloride batteries which I have no use for. But I would like to get the thionyl chloride out safely.

I've heard that they explode if you e.g. heats them up and that it will form pure hydrogen chloride, stronger than hydrochloric acid.

So, can they be opened safely? Which way is best?

Monoamine - 26-3-2022 at 08:42

It's certainly doable. I did it before and had no issues.

You can read my notes on how to do it here:

Monoamine - 26-3-2022 at 13:54

But, yes. Do be careful not to short the battery. You definitely don't want to get splashed with thionyl chloride!

This video may also be helpful, although they weren't using SOCl2 as the electrolyte:

Crazy_Chemist - 26-3-2022 at 21:54

Thnks guys! :)